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IGN: Game of the Month: March 2010

Spring isn't always the hottest time for game releases, but March was a great month across every platform. From massive shooters like Battlefield to tiny gems like Cave Story, we found something to love everywhere we looked this month.

But each month, IGN picks only one gamer per platform to be Game of the Month. So keep reading to find out which titles wowed us most in March. Put away your Members Only jacket, because there's no need to go out into the rain. Just grab a couple of these games, draw the blinds and wait for summer. (Arcade, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, God of War 3, Mega Man 10, Mobile, Nintendo DS, PC, Perfect Dark XBLA, PS3, PSP, Red Steel 2, Wii, Xbox 360)

tunaks1  +   1945d ago
do we really need game of the month...
LordMarius  +   1945d ago
yes because this means

God of war 3 > Battlefield > FF13
Parapraxis  +   1945d ago
GOW III > most everything.
goflyakite  +   1945d ago
Have BFBC2 and SFIV iPod. Gonna get GOWIII once I beat GOWII.

And I wish Cave Story came out on PSN, such a sweet game.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1945d ago
God of war 3 is great when ur frustrated:)
Beat GOW3 on normal.
then started FF13. 15 hrs. in. stopped.
Then played GOW3 on Titan half way now... need to relax a bit.

switched back to FF13... All I have to say is whats the point in leveling up in this game when the enemies always seem to not get any weaker?! they're still a challenge wether you level up or not! I f#@Kin leveled up for 3 straight hours just to see if I'd be able to take less damage and you know what, that same fuuckin monster killed me equally as easy as it did the first time I fought him?! WTF? is that bullsh1t?! this needs to be switched back to the way FF7/8/9/10 was in terms of gaining experience & leveling up.

switched back to GOW3 to take out my anger.
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Christopher  +   1945d ago
This is the first I've heard of "Game of the Month" at IGN...
wicko  +   1945d ago
Apparently IGN has been doing game of the month for a long time now, first I ever heard of it.
Alvadr  +   1945d ago
FFXIII game of the month for me. 60 hours in & still not completed or bored yet, such an awesome game
Commander TK  +   1944d ago
What about
Yakuza and the Show?
UltraNova  +   1944d ago
FFXIII...15 hrs in..and i am bored to death! I want to kill that Australian chick! The world is going into chaos,everybody is a mess and she is acting like she has visited her first ever playground at age 5!!
What is Square's aim with this conflicting and out of this earth annoying character I dont know! I hope they justify it some how later in the game...

And yes I love FF games, I even cried for Aeris back in the day..but this sh**, this sh** gets on my nerves big time!

Oh yeah I forgot about the topic :p GOW3 all the way for me! Beat it on Easy, Normal and Titan. As for the very hard option I will not even try, GOW2's GOD mode left me disappointed (for my self..well you can only die 1000 times in a game's 1hr!!! Jesus!!!
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inveni0  +   1944d ago
@1.0 "do we really need game of the month..."
The 360 does. PS3 has plenty.

I know...it's a fanboy comment.

It's also true.
vhero  +   1944d ago
another month where yet again the best 360 has to offer is a multi platform game...
tavo1117  +   1945d ago
GOW3 had no rival this month
Fanb0y  +   1945d ago
All of a sudden, IGN becomes 'credible'?

Didn't IGN always have a bad taste in games? A clear bias against the PS3 and it's exclusive games?

Oh you guys.
young juice  +   1945d ago
he didnt say ign was credible, all he did was express his love for GOW3

who can blame him

maybe you should have directed your comment to the first 2 in the open zone.
deadoralive1337  +   1945d ago
fanboy, tavo never talked about ign being credible or not so idk where did you get that from
Walrus  +   1945d ago
@fanb0y- + bubles for the good call. I always thought it was funny as well.
Although, I still think God of War deserved the award, hands down
Raf1k1  +   1945d ago
good call?

Fanboy was way off mark with that comment.
Fanb0y  +   1945d ago
Yeah, I guess credible was the wrong word to use.

You get my point though.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1945d ago
No fanboy, we didn't take your point. And it's not thanks to wrong word, it's because you have no point at all. This guy didn't even reference to IGN in anyway.

Get some reading classes, your eyes checked or, even better, both.
Walrus  +   1945d ago
It was a reference to IGN, because it was posted in a IGN comment section.
k-Lan   1944d ago | Spam
drummerx2709  +   1945d ago
Does anyone else find it funny that they categorize Xbox 360 and PC in the same categories?
A change in the wind  +   1945d ago
360 is nothing more than a dumbed down PC, they share the same boring games too. PS3 games >>>> PC and 360 games.
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Shaka2K6  +   1945d ago
PC works and xbox 360 brakes all the time.
avengers1978  +   1944d ago
It's also funny that 360's game of the month is also avalible on the PS3.
Sevir04  +   1945d ago
lol!!! GOW3 killed everything
Kratos killed Square, sega, EA and Capcom...

Did anyone find it funny that the 360 was the only platform that never had an exclusive title for game of the month for disc based gaming, even the Wii had an exclusive ^^

Go Sony Go. and Good job Ms, i cant wait for MNR
alphakennybody  +   1945d ago
Never heard of this GOTM...oh wait its ign.
eggbert  +   1945d ago
Did anyone really expect
anything besides GOW3 for PS3 game of the month?
Greywulf  +   1945d ago
ya, because the PS3 has no GAMEZ.

Timesplitter14  +   1945d ago
go back to 4chan god damn

[spoiler]not that this place is any better, but still...[/spoiler]
young juice  +   1945d ago
he was being sarcastic
Walrus  +   1945d ago
Oh, come on. Give 4chan some credit
k-Lan  +   1944d ago
Finally Greywuss is where he needs to be. Hidden with one bubble.
Mo0eY  +   1945d ago
My game of the month is Metro 2033.
infamousinfolite  +   1945d ago
... oh wait...
wicko  +   1945d ago
Metro 2033 is a pretty cool game, on PC. Wouldn't touch it on 360 though, the visuals just aren't there on the console version, and half my interest in the game is its atmosphere and environments.
Mo0eY  +   1945d ago
Hey Jason 360, how's Metro 2033? You know, your game of the month, the Killzone killer? LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL.
Socomer 1979  +   1945d ago
Oh man that's bad!
Jason360 owned again!

I remember when that punk said Too Human will show the power of the 360.
Metro2033 the killzone2 killer bwahahahaha!
drummerx2709  +   1945d ago
@ 2 & 3
Guys....Jason isn't even in these comments lol. If his stupidity annoys you that much (and believe me he annoys me a ton and I'm not alone on that) just ignore him
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SSCOOLCHEA  +   1944d ago
Come on GUYS
There comments is amusing . It makes all of us ps3 owners laugh .
Socomer 1979  +   1945d ago
What's metro2033?
Isn't that supposed to be the KZ2 Killer?

So, what happened?

I also see Section 8 for download only stinking up my psn there... Hmmmm.. That's strange/
infamousinfolite  +   1945d ago
Correction: Was!
k-Lan  +   1944d ago
LOL. One whole bubble. Wow! It must be frustrating that you can't defend everything Playstation anymore without somebody clicking on your one bubble post. lol. It's about time! Time to make a new acct! lol!
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1945d ago
Good choices. I agree with them.
Al Bundy  +   1945d ago
God of War III of course. Was there any other games released in March? I heard there was a shooter that was supposed to have better graphics than Killzone 2 but I haven't heard anything from that game, whatever it was.
JohnnyHalo  +   1945d ago
Love the sony fanboyism here.
It's almost like each of them follow a direct procedure:

"I believe [Insert Ps3 Exclusive here] wins for greatest game ever created!"
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wicko  +   1945d ago
The funniest part is how you're a blatant 360 fanboy who follows this procedure:

"[Insert PS3 Exclusive here] is the most [choose one: sh1tty/glitchy/overrated] game ever created!"

Please go to the open zone and be butt-hurt over there.
Al Bundy  +   1945d ago
Said the fanboy with the name Johnny[insert Xbox exclusive here].
Kakihara  +   1945d ago
"Here is my top 5 list:
1.)Halo 1
2.)Halo 2
3.)Halo 3
4.)Gears of War 1
5.)Gears of War 2" - JohnnyHalo

Another win for micro" - JohnnyHalo

"I dont care how much it costs.
If it gots the name Halo in the title you know its going to be a Legendary game. Once again it feels good to own a 360." - JohnnyHalo

"Ahh sweet, sweet, number sales.
Feels good to own the leading console." - JohnnyHalo

Who cares!! All my friends dont even care about this controversy, we are all gonna buy the game anyways because its a 360 exclusive." - JohnnyHalo

"As long as the 360 version sells more
At least the then the gaming community can see which fanbase is more loyal regardless of price increase." - JohnnyHalo

Tell us again about the fanboys, Johnny.
Ravage27  +   1944d ago
lol good one ^^
Hotel_Moscow  +   1944d ago
ps3 has to many good exclusives we dont have enough mone to buy sh!tty multiplats
CoffeewithChess  +   1945d ago
My game of the month, Rage of the Gladiator on WiiWare!

Though, I will say Max and the Magic Marker is good also.
rezzah  +   1945d ago
seriously, they used a game for the 360 and PC that was also on the PS3. Only thing was that the PS3 wasnt include side by side with the other two. Coulndt they have atleast put ME2 or somthing? I guess they consider the multiplate to be even better than the exclusice itself. Just saying.
pcz  +   1944d ago
I have been playing sky crawlers. Really liked it. Under rated i think
ian72  +   1944d ago
I have bought some great games this month. BFBC2, GOW3, Just Cause2. I also got MAG and Heavy rain just before those games.
Been a great year for games so far, and there's more to come.

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