Virtua Fighter 5 (X360) Preview

Gamespy preview Virtua Fighter 5 for the Xbox360:

"There's little doubt that we at GameSpy really, really like Virtua Fighter 5. From the time we got our preview code at the beginning of the year to a month later, when it became the first PS3 title to receive our highest rating, we've experienced our fair share of dan climbing, costume changes, and ass whuppings from friends, family and CPU alike. Of course, this was all under the shadow of lost exclusivity; that is, no matter how much time we put in on the PlayStation 3 version, we knew, as of last Christmas, that VF 5 would eventually come to Xbox 360. The only thing we weren't sure of was how impressive it would be. We're happy to report that the 360 version sports some substantive improvements, and there are more bells and whistles than just a handful of Achievements..."

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SDS Overfiend3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

"That's really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to VF 5 360, though; earlier today, Sega of America officially announced that the Xbox 360 version will feature online multiplayer over Xbox Live."

Smash any Rumors already.

PS3 = Play alone

highps33913d ago

Did you read that part?

Well have fun with that game.

MK_Red3913d ago

I wish they had added online to PS3 version.

SDS Overfiend3912d ago

Yes to Make playing online Easier. PS3 has Full resolution all the way through but guess what your playing alone RMAOTFLHAF!!!!!!!!

No Wonder you spend mad time up here.