Gears of War For PC To Be Announced At E3

A gameplay montage video of Epic Games' Gears Of War-specifically listed as PC footage-found its way to the internet earlier today, confirming the long-running rumors of a PC port of the million-selling Xbox 360 third-person shooter. That video was quickly pulled, with copies of the clip making their way to YouTube, Google Video and the other usual suspects.

The clip showed some of the PC port's visual improvements and additional content, including new boss fights and new maps. In addition, achievements for the PC version made an appearance, indicating that the game will take advantage of Games For Windows Live service.

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dodgefate4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I know this sounds messed up to say but WTH!

If this is true what true exclusives does xbox really have?

TheMART-sucksdick4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I Sort of agree, i wonder what the specs will be...

Edit: Most of them are older games. But the 360 does have quite alot of brand new exclusives.

nextgengaming184031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Kameo, PGR3, Ninety Nine nights, Chromohounsd, Dead rising, forza 2, viva pinata, saints row, crackdown, and perfect dark zero.

What did I say wrong? I don't understand.

TheMART4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

@ nextgengaming

You should name yourself Bottleneck 3 fan

Really. First off, who cares if a game comes to the PC. It won't come to the PS3.

I could care less. It's a console exclusive. If more gamers on the PC can enjoy the same game, it's fine with me. I buy a game console for 399 Euro and not anymore every year or two years a GPU + extra Ram for my PC. I even hear PC gamers with a big fat rig only having 20fps on Dirt. WHile I get a constant 30fps on my 360.

And Nextgengaming alias Bottleneck 3 fan, you could list all those others also:

Halo 3, Mass Effect, Too Human, so many more. Most fun thing is, most 'exclusives' on the PS3 aren't so exclusive. They are from 3rd party companies that put their former PS3 exclusives on the 360 also. Thus, MGS4 and FFXIII on 360, seems to me a lot more sh!tty then the 360 having games shared with MS platform Windows Vista. For MS its a good thing, for gamers its a good thing.

@ dodgefate (below)

You buy yourself a PC, buy Vista. How much would that cost to run a game like Gears of War? Right. And how much do you have to invest in 1 or 2 years to upgrade for Gears of War 2?

Everything else is not an opinion. It's reality. Many former PS exclusives are from 3rd party developers. Which have shareholders and want to optimize profits. Why do you think already so many games like DMC4, GTA4, VF5, Fatal Inertia, Bladstorm etc etc have come over? Because the 360 pays of to them. More to follow

" 2.1 - Im sorry...
I HATE VISTA.... It really pisses me off that Microsoft is making people buy vista just to play there games (Halo 2) it really kills the game an looks an plays even worse."

So you're not buying a PC/Vista? Then the only option is a 360.
Whats the price of Vista? half of a XBOX 360? And then you only have a OS, while your current PC on XP still runs fine. But not the latest games like Halo 2 (I've played through 3 years ago on my original XBOX), or maybe Gears in the future.

dodgefate4031d ago


"You should name yourself Bottleneck 3 fan"

- You have much room to talk you should name yourself TheXbot

"Really. First off, who cares if a game comes to the PC. It won't come to the PS3."

- Hmm.. let's see cause I can buy it for my PC an not the Xbox

Everything else you said is just a TheXbot's opinion an like always talking out of your ass...

AngryTypingGuy4031d ago

I could care less if a game is for both 360 and PC. As long as it's CONSOLE exclusive, it's fine by me. As long as the 360 keeps cranking out these great games, then everything is just fine. I can't wait for Mass Effect, which could be the game of the year for 2007.

nextgengaming184031d ago

I didn't list mass effect, or halo 3 because it isn't on the console yet. If I had to list it for ps3, I would have listed rfom, motorstorm, genji 2, ninja gaiden sigma, etc. I don't have a grudge or anything against mcirosoft. I didn't do anything wrong. Should I bend over knees for sony, or microsoft like some of these fanboys do? Also, don't call me fanboy names, when you are one of the most infamous fanboys on this site.

JasonXE4031d ago

really confirming anything but that is expected. If Epic releases this content exclusively for the PC, then I won't be buying Gears of War 2. If its timed to be available for both then I'll have no problem.

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Gorgon4031d ago

Very few. In fact, I hope Mass Effect will have the same fate and come to the PC.

The thing is, its much better to have only time exclusives instead of full exclusivity. There's more money to make, and MS/Sony isn't stupid in that department. And also MS has to promote Vista games.

dodgefate4031d ago

I HATE VISTA.... It really pisses me off that Microsoft is making people buy vista just to play there games (Halo 2) it really kills the game an looks an plays even worse.

Gorgon4031d ago

I don't like Windows too, but I'm a gamer and I largely prefer PC games to consoles, although I think thats about to change. Right now I have an high-end PC with Vista but lets see if I'm into upgrading and spending my money every two years to have it updated for gaming.

I guess the console days are coming for me.

Cook1eMan4031d ago

You guys do know they have cracks now to use Vista games on XP right.

BubblesDAVERAGE4031d ago

people complain about ps3 not being a console....but playstion has never been a console...why as the 360 is just a pc wanna be...far as im concerned why get a xbox if u got a pc

calderra4031d ago

Why do people always whine about 360 games going to PC?
Is God of War not exclusive anymore because it's on PS2 and PSP?

Vojkan4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I hope you are joking because you made look yourself like an idiot.
First of GOW1 and GOW2 ARE exclusive to PS2. GOW:chains of Olympus is NEW game not a port, like Gear of War for PC(assuming this is true) is going to be.

4031d ago
kewlkat0074031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

It's like saying I'll boycott the PS3 and get it on the Cheaper gow on the handheld.

1. You know, most people have PC's in their homes, but very few are willing to upgrade them to meet new gaming standards by developers.(can be expensive) Also,because they might play more games on consoles then on a PC. Everyone is different.

2.. I expect Hard-Core PC gamers that are also Hard-Core Console gamers to at least take a look at both platforms when considering getting aXbox360 game that might appear on both. I expect, Fanboys will just boycott the xbox 360, even though their rigs, might not be able to handle any of todays games like it was meant to be played.

3... I'll play on the console anytime over dumbed down graphics on pewter. You get your money's worth when you play a game on a console as opposed to your pc rig that might not be able to handle graphic intensive games. Hey I just got a Quad-core, but I'm mainly a Console gamer. Hopefully some new maps and such make it to XBL.

4....There is a lot of "ONLY PC GAMERS" out there as well as "ONLY CONSOLE GAMERS" and a big mix of both, so that logic really does not hurt MS or it's gamers. PC gamers have been around for a very long time, and the Console Market, has always fared very well.

END - So I expect these comments as it is nothing new here, just another "Fanboyish Logic" that has been created, to boycott the 360. Then again the "feeble" minds, do no realize, they will still be "supporting MSFT" in some fashion, whether you boycott the 360 and jump on a VISTA/XP +DX10 Enable Rig.

So if you are a Hard-Core MS hater of all products and services, good luck playing this game on the Wii/Linux or the PS3.

risk4031d ago

lol theres a list of only console and only pc and a BIG list of both? name those "BOTH"? cuz im telling you theres more games on the PC that xbox or the ps3 dont have, dont talk outta ur ass and think about what ur saying, PC = best gaming platform.

kewlkat0074031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

"PC = best gaming platform."

Here is a bone..I'll let you out, go ahead and play outside will ya.

PC gaming will always be the better platform because of the types of games that can only be played on there, and the Graphical intensive games that can only be played on there.

Then again Not everybody is going to have $2000 rigs, so this is where the price of a console with a great price/performance ratio works well, with the "only" console gamer, since every game they purchase, they will be able to play it like the developers meant it to be, without getting the best GPU, every six months.

Do you see lots of RTS game son Consoles? Can you play WOW on a console? There are some FPS, that have always been on PC's, but not yet on a console. Now do you see a lot of Platformers on PC's? I think they play better with a controller, as opposed to a mouse and keyboard. Now Consoles and PC platforms have their strengths and weakness, just look at the genre's of games that thrive best on either.

Anyhow your argument have no substance,and you disagreed with points , I wasn't trying to is another bone, thx for playing.

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