Game Head: Uncharted Episode - New Exclusive Footage, plus COD4 E3 Trailer

Here are the four sections of Game Head's feature on Naughty Dog and their upcoming PS3 exclusive, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

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James646193848d ago

wow it's crazy to think that in the finished game there only going to be using 50% of the cell processor this game looks amazing at only at 30% just think what they can do using 100% of the cell.

ReconHope3848d ago

is shaping up very good.

SimmoUK3848d ago

wow pencil me impressed naughty dog uncharted is looking awesome... New footage in there as well it looks like the gameplay and story are great...

TriggerHippie3848d ago

Gotta say it looks great. Good find Deep keep up the good work.

timmyp533848d ago

nice to have news... instead of flame sumtimes

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