The Xbox 360 - Just Skip It

Mike Antonuccis views on Microsoft's console game history have long been clear: He's never seen a lot of value in any version of the Xbox, other than for the most hardcore of hardcore gamers and people who want to play "Halo". Yes, that latter group is huge, he writes. But is the pursuit of that game series worth the risk (either in terms of misspent dollars or breakdown headaches) that comes from a corporation with such poor quality control, not to mention disdain for being straight with consumers?

Read the rest of his article to find out more about his thoughts concerning the Xbox 360.

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power of Green 4031d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Looks like this guy's trying to get some attention and ride the failure hype. lol


No sh*t #1.3 i know more about the issue than you do matter of fact telling me about the problems like telling The Beast his back yards on fire.

Will the good people of this site give me my bubble back the Sony fanboys took my bubble because i don't have a dooms day tone to my attatude about the subject. Thank you.

They took my bubble for stating the obvious.(Mike Antonuccis is anti Xbox and or MS, its like The Mart having the same job but against Sony.

jromao4030d ago

It's a fact the high (lot more than acceptable) failure rate of xbox and poor quality control MS put on this console (and other stuff), adding other facts as good games are short, this article just state the truth. If xbox doesn't exist at all, only a few could be missing it.

ALI G4030d ago

This article JUST SKIP IT

P4KY B4031d ago

He should change his name to Hugh Jarse.

XbugPosse4031d ago

Truth hurts, isn't it xbugs?

ChickeyCantor4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

on the next episode of " ps3- just skip it"
they will say " hurts doesn't it sonytool"

look i'm not on one side @ all but things like this gets really sad and old.
Do not repeat history, you are suppose to learn something from it....meh!
Just stop it....really its getting sad.

BIG494030d ago

screw you blowme fans


Ps3 = Just do it ( stop been a Bum)

Welcome to next gen The ps3