Fury Hands-On Preview

Fury is a Player vs. Player Online RPG. There is no Player Vs. Environment and the game doesn't suffer for it. Being in development for 3 years and a group of 70 dedicated team members finally bringing to fruit a game they've been dreaming about for even longer, Fury is coming together well and is set for release later this year.

TotalGamerZone goes hands on with the upcoming PVP MMO PC game Fury.

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orange144001d ago

Pretty sweet, not a big fan of MMO games, but it was still a good read.

cooke154001d ago

yeah it is pretty good :)

Legionaire20054000d ago

You know with the 16 players fighting arenas?

cooke154000d ago

Thats right, although not as bad ;)

risk4000d ago

since yesterday evening...GOD ITS FUN!

cooke154000d ago

Is it? Hmm i should give it a try.