1UP Network's E3 2007 Predictions

In just a few short days, many folks from the 1UP Network will hop a plane from chilly San Francisco to the slightly warmer Santa Monica area for this year's E3 show. A gimped and more frustrating version of its former self, E3 2007 promises to be something...different. 1UP has asked the office to throw out their predictions for the show, which ranged from actual prophecies to paragraphs of curse words at the work load. One way or the other, 1UP will be there -- and here's what might go down.

E3 2007 Predictions from:

Sam Kennedy -- 1UP Editor-in-Chief
Jenn Frank -- 1UP Community Manager
John Davison -- 1UP Network Editorial Director
Mark MacDonald -- GameVideos Director
James Mielke -- 1UP Executive Editor
Jeremy Parish -- 1UP Features Editor
Kathleen Sanders -- GameVideos Producer

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Vojkan3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

James Mielke is such a dork! Always hates something...check his blog. This guy has some issues.
Edit-i just noticed i lost one more bubble?!WTF! This site is CRAP!

Captain Tuttle3881d ago

Just for being first. And for agreeing with you that the article is boring. At least it's not some random blog or a forum post...1Up is legit.

BlackIceJoe3881d ago

Sam Kennedy said "a first look at the sequel to a Sony of Japan franchise that everyone's been waiting for".

I wonder what game that would be. There really could be alot. The PS1 had some great games that never saw a PS2 version. So if they could see a PS3 version that would be nice.