1UP: E3's Most Popular Rumors: Will They Happen?

Who doesn't love a good rumor? Even though much of the fun has been taken out of this year's E3, that doesn't mean one shouldn't expect a few surprises out of left field. Those are the kinds of announcements one don't expect, however. 1UP decided to take a look at a few of the rumors people have desperately hoping will show up and whether there's enough substance to expect they'll come true.

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Kokoro4033d ago

We all love rumours. it gets fanboys panties in a bunch. And they think women talk to much. LMAO

hikikimori4033d ago

That concept PSP looks absolutely $hit.

MK_Red4033d ago

I think new Wii and PSP are most likly. As for PSP's design, 1UP's picture looks more user friendly and easy to play BUT a lot less sexy IMO.

ReconHope4033d ago

hope mgs doesn't go multiplatform