Apple iPhone Review

There was a time, not too long ago, when the real establishment media like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Newsweek and USA Today really didn't care that much for consumer technology. Sure, the business related outlets covered business stuff, but the societal implications of new technology products never made the front page. The sea change of coverage really began less than a year ago when Nintendo and the Wii vaulted into the pantheon of media darlings thanks to wide public attraction and the ease with which un-knowledged establishment reporters could cover the story like they were on the cusp of a newly discovered phenomena...

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Lord Anubis3884d ago

lol, take a look towards the middle of the clip. Someone pinched something. :P

Any who, iPhone is the best phone out there regardless of the network.

MK_Red3884d ago

Good review but I think 9.7 is a bit too much (Waits for cheaper 2nd gen iPhone).

calderra3883d ago

"There's also the unfortunate fact that the iPhone's battery is completely sealed. Though battery life is surprisingly good (we can go almost 2 full days of heavy mixed use between charges), Apple has stated the battery will begin loosing capacity after 300-400 cycles. Like an iPod it'll need to be mailed back to Apple for battery replacement, a service that'll cost $79 plus $6.95 for shipping."

So Apple didn't even bother to fix the #1 complaint people have with the iPhone hardware, that people have been mad about for years, and it still gets a near-perfect review.

All hail Apple, I guess.

ITR3882d ago

How many people actually change out their cellphone batteries? Almost everyone I know just uses the one that comes with it. So unless your a heavy cell user I don't see the point.

About the time the battery dies it'll be time for most people to buy another iPhone or some other cell phone.

ENNO3883d ago

I think Apples iphone is like the sony PS3...its got great hardware and can do some really cool things but its missing the main point...its phone,i get a phone for texts and calling people,if wanna listen to music i buy an mp3 if i wanna use the internet i usemy laptop running Linux!so the point is the phone is overpriced,i would rather pay 100 euro for a normal phone and an iPod for 300 euro and save myself some money!

id dot entity3882d ago

There are 2 camps of iPhone owners: the ones that love it, and the ones that hate it.

Dunno whether I should buy it or not. I mean, hear a lot of bad things too.

ITR3882d ago

Wait for iPhone 2. It should be announced in Jan 08'.