Ninja Gaiden Sigma Video Review by GameTrailers

With updated graphics, new weapons and enemies, and the addition of a new playable character, this is one next-gen rehash you just can't miss.

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MyNutsYourChin4005d ago

If I had a PS3 I would definately buy this game. It looks incredible, the story seems to have some depth and, seriously, it's like the first real ninja game since Shinobi on the Genesis.

gamehendge4005d ago

i played the game on a 50" 1080 tv.......its unreal. def hard and a very serious vid game.

shysun4005d ago

I just bought R6:Vegas and the darkness this I have to buy this!!!Damn you PS3!!!

Funky Town_TX4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

a xbox game. Why would they rerelease this old game. If this was an american dev ppl would be pissed. I can see why this runs at 1080p it looks like sh8t. Motorstorm and Gears of War look way better.

old version