Yakuza 3: Visit the 'real' Kamurocho

Yakuza 3 is set in the fictional Tokyo district of Kamurocho, but is it really fictional? Classy Gamer guides the reader in an extensive virtual tour of Kabukicho, the real red-light district of the Shinjuku Ward that inspired Toshihiro Nagoshi and his team while creating the Yakuza series.

A side-by-side pictorial trip between overlapping neon signs, massage parlors, hostess bars and love hotels in the real-world stronghold of the Yakuza.

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zerocool33972949d ago

That's class. Just shows how much detail has been added. Not exactly 100% but close enough

KILLERAPP2948d ago

Can’t afford going to Japan, play Yakuse 3 and see Japan…

SaiyanFury2948d ago

Way to quote my PSN comment, Thanatos. :P

Yakuza 3 really does kick ass. It's so close to the real thing that it's almost a virtual tour of Kabuki-chou. Every time I come back to Kamuro-chou, I love it all over again. Come on SEGA, you brought Yakuza 3 out. It's almost time to bring out part 4 over here. Bring out the International Edition!

spunnups2948d ago

I have got to pick this game up. I hear it's a GTA type game mixed with Tekken fighting style and a ton of mini games.

Abriael2948d ago

Personally, I prefer it to GTA. The story is more engrossing, and expecially the characters (even the villains) are much better flashed out and likeable. Kazuma Kiryu is much easier to relate to than Nico Bellic.
Though, the game is similar to GTA in themes and in the fact you can roam the city freely, but it's a whole different beast gameplay-wise :D
better or worse, depends on your tastes.

AKS2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

The fighting is more like a 3D Streets of Rage or Final Fight than Tekken. The fighting system is awesome and deep. You can use almost anything as a weapon.

The "Japanese GTA" assumptions are a bit misleading because Yakuza 3 is part role playing game. You get experience points and money from winning random battles and can gradually upgrade your character with more health, new moves, ect.

The sidequest are awesome because they can draw you in so you usually actually want to do them. Someone's beating up homeless people or kidnapping women? Time to smash that fool upside the head with a bicycle or traffic cone! Or it could be finding a lady's lost cat or helping a kid being bullied at school. You're usually either doing a good deed or just delivering a good beatdown to creep who deserves it.

There's also some really quirky Japanese humor involved that had me LOLing a lot. It's a terrific game.

spunnups2948d ago

^^you def just sold me on Yakuza, sounds better than I envisioned it to be

Abriael2948d ago

It's definitely, at least in my opinion, one of the best franchises the Japanese market has to offer at the moment.

if only Sega west decided to support it better...

ThanatosDMC2948d ago

Make sure you visit the Purgatory underground and play in the arenas. Watch out for that shoalin monk kid or else he'll kill you in a flash.

I underestimated him and paid dearly... lost my 100% winning streak.

AKS2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

@ spunnups

I tried to give you a more accurate description of what it's like, but it's tough to describe because there's nothing else quite like it. Shenmue is another game that it is frequently compared to.

You should know that it starts off very slow and eases you into the action. Early in the game you'll be exploring a relatively safe area in Okinawa and will help resolve problems for the locals and your children in the orphanage. It's actually a pretty good game for people new to the series in the way it's set up. It picks up in pace as you progress through the story, but there are always sidequests and minigames you can do if you just want to mess around and explore. There are also lots of hidden collectable items to find.

BTW, one thing that might feel a bit awkward if you haven't played the game before is the camera when you change directions in combat. Just get used to tapping L2 to instantly reset the camera when you turn around and it won't bother you anymore. Otherwise it's great. There are all sorts of crazy finishing moves in the game you gradually learn and unlock over time.

There are random battles just like many Japanese RPGs, so it's amusing to see the reasons the thugs give for attacking you. They'll say they don't like that you are drunk, accuse you of bumping into them and breaking their cell phone, or occasionally even say they are simply having a terrible day and want to fight to take it out on you. :)

ThanatosDMC2948d ago

The best start up fight is when Kiryu and an enemy start banging heads... that was surprising and its awesomeness left me smiling after i kicked the guys ass.

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Redempteur2948d ago

this page sucked a lot of bandwitch ... they shoul have used pictures on their servers
but anyway nice to see that some studio don't hesitate to copy real life

Abriael2948d ago

Yep, I know it's pretty heavy loading, but that's the only way to have the 3D view that lets you cam around the place.
In the end I weighed the two options and decided for this one. Takes a while to load, but it's more fun to explore :D

Saeveth2948d ago

This is awesome. I need this game since I can't afford to go to Japan. Yet.