New PS3 'Greatest Hits' Revealed

Several new PS3 'Greatest Hit' titles have been revealed via a Walmart flyer. The biggest among the new batch of 'Greatest Hit' titles is Killzone 2, inFamous, and LittleBigPlanet GOTY Edition. Once reaching 'Greatest Hit' status, these titles will retail for the new retail price of $30. Several more are also revealed.

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Anorexorcist3153d ago

The disagreer thinks its bitter.

ryano232773153d ago

Here in Australia, those games have all been "Platinum" titles for 6 months each at least now.

Is PS3 Greatest Hits (I assume this is U.S) the same as "Platinum"?

Since these games have been Platinum here for a while, I am expecting UC2 to go Platinum soon.

3153d ago
ClownBelt3153d ago

Seems to me that you're the one who's stuck on the other dimension.

BattleAxe3153d ago

I wish Heavenly Sword was on that list.

bruddahmanmatt3153d ago

Time to pick up inFAMOUS. w00t

DarkTower8053153d ago

LBP here I come. I've been waiting for a price drop to pick this up.

N4BmpS3153d ago

YEEESSSSS I can go out and get the GOTY edition of Little Big Planet, I've been waiting awhile.

Darkstorn3153d ago

Nice. Two more awesome games added to Sony's repertoire.
They should really do away with those ugly red cases, though.

Aclay3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

It pretty nice to see that Killzone 2 and inFamous didn't take that long to become Greatest Hits Titles in comparison early PS3 exclusives like Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and Ratchet Future Tools of Destruction that took nearly 2 years to permanently drop to $29.99...

I already own all the games listed except for LBP and the UFC game, but UFC Undisputed doesn't interest me and I've been waiting to get LBP once it dropped in price, so I'll probably get it sometime this Summer...and I'll make sure that I get a Black Label version too before they become pretty scarce b/c I don't want that Red Greatest Hits label on mine.

HolyOrangeCows3153d ago

Remind me to pick up inFamous and LBP on Friday.

N4BmpS3153d ago

If there's one game you will like or love it will be inFamous. Get, get it GET IT.

Redrum0593153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

I have all those games except infamouse, looks like one more game is going to be added to my ps3 collection.
12-GranTurismo5 Prologue
and soon
yup, big list guys

(edit) woops, no UFC here

Hanif-8763153d ago

I think its time i pick up Killzone 2 again the best looking shooter on any console :-)

Automat3152d ago

killzone 2 is £7.99 at ...... poor americans...

goflyakite3152d ago

Have those three games, and the site's down for me.

Commander TK3152d ago

"I think its time i pick up Killzone 2 again the best looking shooter on any console :-)"

For now at least. Rage, Crysis 2 and Brink will try top KZ2 (and they will I hope)

jack_burt0n3152d ago

I just got my platinum on infamous i took my time and thoroughly enjoyed it, its one of the best games of this generation seriously its up there! loved everything about it and i find open world games normally bore me after 15hrs odd, this one did not.

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Mexico6193153d ago

cool, may pick up inFAMOUS or Resistance 2

blu3print3153d ago

they'll be getting the redesigned cover right?

Polluted3153d ago

Yeah. Heaven forbid they should just drop the price. No, they gotta go and ugly up the covers too.

Oh well. I may finally get LBP.

wildcat3153d ago

For many people, LBP will be a much easier sell for that price.

unrealgamer583153d ago

Great, looks like my bestfriend will be getting 2 presents with his new console

ablecain3153d ago

Is the plastic still all red like it was before the box redesign? I hate that look. I wish they would just do something like they did with the PS2 Greatest Hits

HolyOrangeCows3153d ago

You can usually get a normal covered one if you go out and get a copy early on into the time that they've become a Greatest Hit.

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