60GB PS3 sold at Target for $499.99

It seems like the price cut has been put to effect. One of PS3 Fanboy's readers was able to purchase a 60GB PS3 for $499.99 in Target. When PS3 Fanboy contacted Target, they confirmed that their PS3 are being sold for the said price.

Hit the link for more info.

UPDATE 1] A Kansas Target has the 60GB PS3 in its computer at $599

[UPDATE 2] Another tipster has told us that today they sold two at Circuit City at $499. Confused, the manager called it in and got a confirmation that it was correct. We are in the process of verifying this.

[UPDATE 3] A Target store in Rancho Cucamonga in California has confirmed that the 60GB PS3 is in their system for $499. It looks like there's no pattern to which stores are and aren't offering the price cut.

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aiphanes4003d ago

Who doubted it? It is for real!

Go get a $499 PS3 60 GB!!!

kspraydad4003d ago

Sonystyle has had this effective price for months now...use a SONY CC and get a 100$ credit...

Anyway...I'd still wait to get the PS3 with the rumble controllers...perhaps the price cut is earlier than expected (ie November) to clear out that inventory?

pwnsause4003d ago

hey now that means if the price drop is real and you buy from sony style with the credit card, you get it for 399, hell thats a steal if you get that credit card Sony CC FTW!!!!!

JsonHenry4002d ago

I wish I had not bought mine earlier. I never play the damn thing. (at least not right now, this fall will be a different story)

All the multi-platform games I buy for the 360 instead since the graphics and hitches are all better for it. Unless it comes out for the PC too, in which case I will buy it for the PC.

In my experience **SO FAR** - PC>Xbox360>PS3

ITR4003d ago

Make sure they didn't screw up the pricing.

If someone quotes you a price at Target and you b*'ll get that price.
(also look for out of date sales tags)

Either that or the pricing team has already changed the pricing or they have confused the 20GB price for the 60GB price. I've seen it happen before.

BIadestarX4003d ago

Come on Sony $299 and I will be come one of you brainless fanboys! I would even flame the xbox 360 about ....ehh..... WHAT ELSE!? ROD.
I will even have dreams about the army of games coming to the PS3 years from now. And I will even pretend to like or care about blu-ray.
$299 please!!!!!!!!!!

Adamalicious4002d ago

It'll get there eventually. If you're one of those people who won't buy it till then that's cool - it's just like all the people buying the PS2 - great library of games ($20 a pop for a lot of them) etc. etc.

sak5004002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

$500 well thats expensive for a device where we have to just wait for eternity to make good use of it. My money is well spent on my 2 360s.

Edit: blade i'm with you on $299 price. Good price to hv a bluray player that also plays games. But still will not turn into rabid fonyboi and strike at something which has given me plenty of next gen games for past year and a half.

Bathyj4002d ago


You seem to think a person cant buy a PS3 and still like his Xbox. You seem to think you'll turn from a gibberish spouting fanboy, into a gibberish spouting fanboy for the other side.

Maybe Bladestar's gone and grown up and left you behind.

dantesparda4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Am I the only one who can tell that Bladestar is being sarcastic? LOL! even the even bigger fanboy CyberSentinel couldnt tell, what a dip!

And to the guy below me (Dark Knight), i can get it (a PS3) for $400 right now, or $500 with 3 games, brand new, and i still dont want it (Im not not hating on it, I just dont care to pay that much still for a video game system, the 360 is the last system i will ever spend that much money on)

BIadestarX4002d ago

Guys... come on... don't uncover my conspiracy to have sony go bankrup! we all know Sony can't aford to drop the PS3 by $300 before the next xbox is released.

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Zaskark24002d ago

I just called my target here in Florida they have 3 left for $499.99 but they told me to hurry and if you apply for a target credit card you recive an additional %10 of your purchase so heres the math

PS3 60 GB $600
Price drop -$100
10% discount -$50
TOTAL $450 Thats a Deal for Me!!!!

kewlkat0074002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

good deal, don't forget to add a Game or 2, extra controller, and a warranty. You still end up paying $600+. Still too much for some casual gamers. Let alone many do not have HDTV's.

Bundles are a better value..

-$100 is good but nothing great IMO. The 360 is still less and have the better line-up this fall/winter. Well you can only disagree with one..if you choose..hehe

like they say "to each his own"..

Edit: I forgot to mention "TAX".

Rythrine4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Good news if its true. In relation to yesterday's debacle, I'll just wait and see for an official announcement from Sony if they are indeed having a price cut after E3 maybe.

PS. For the people who reported specially Afterglow, I apologize for the worst editing in history of N4G lolz. My fatigue from a long 5 hour drive to New York and back got the best of me.