TimeShift Exclusive Hands-On - A Sneak Peak at the Upcoming Demo Plus New Video and Screens

Manipulating time is hardly a new feature in first-person shooters. "Bullet time" or slow motion has been a popular staple in games ever since The Matrix introduced the world to the cool visual concept. TimeShift wants to go much further than bullet time, though. This sci-fi shooter from Sierra and Saber Interactive will let you really mess around with the flow of time. You'll get a chance to play with a demo of the game this August, but GameSpot got an early hands-on play through of what to expect.

See the alternative sources below for the link to the new trailer.

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omansteveo4028d ago

They've made alot of improvements over the demo they released a while back

timmyp534028d ago

and fresh i will buy when i can muster the cash this summer.

Daxx4028d ago

This game looks 1000x better than it did before.

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