Exclusive Army of Two Destruction & Vehicle Gameplay Footage

'Destruction' video montage of upcoming EA Shooter.

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Cusco4003d ago

Looks good, seems a little downgraded from the previous trailers, but we'll see what happens. Hopefully it will make for a good co-op experience, not many co-op games around these days, that is, one that you can play with someone next to you in the same room using the same console. Recently had the pleasure of checking out the Red Star for the ps2, now that's some good co-op!

ALIEN4003d ago

It looks ok. The graphics are ok too, i like the vehicles n the weapons, but the graphics are not so good, I will rent it first.

Norad64003d ago

EA screws up yet another good game.

MolotovMan12634003d ago

This game looks amazing. The graphics make it look exactly, or at least very close to, the CG trailers we've all been watching.

I love the Buddy System-like moves you can do with the partner. It should really add to the already fun-looking gameplay.

After seeing this Army of Two looks to be a smart contender for the game of 2007.

IBLEEDBLU4002d ago

its a port first of all so we all know its gonna blow...and after that trailer - disappointed

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