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Submitted by TnS 3069d ago | news

EA Explains Medal of Honor Airborne PS3 Delay

Earlier this week, EA confirmed that Medal of Honor Airborne for PS3 would be arriving in November this year, as opposed to the August 28 release date for the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

Executive producer Patrick Gilmore told Next-Gen in a phone interview today that the Airborne team had received PS3 dev kits "a little bit later" than Xbox 360 and PC, and those two SKUs have "always" been ahead of the PS3 version.

He said that the PS3 version is "looking good," but added, "We want to release on PS3 when we can deliver a much more polished and complete experience." Gilmore wants to make sure that Sixaxis functionality with the PS3 version is up to par, and said he doesn't want to "shortchange" PS3 owners. (Medal of Honor: Airborne, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Chexd  +   3069d ago
Im sure there will obviously be some slight polish on the PS3 version but then again maybe programming for the PS3 meant the game was held by a few months, or maybe some cool features will be implemented for the sixaxis.

We shall see.....
timmyp53  +   3069d ago
nice reason ..
polish it up baby.
Anything but Cute  +   3069d ago
Hi, Pretty Chinese girl.
richie007bond  +   3069d ago
In laymans terms
To tell you the truth the ps3 is a bit of a b@stard to program for and we are finding it far more difficult than sony lead us to believe,so bear with us and dont get us started on the sixasis cr@p or we will be here till 2008...
TheXgamerLive  +   3069d ago
Exactley right, the same thing all the time for ps3 games.
It's not going to change, the dev kit BS is hillarious, but they were trying to be kind. Difficulty to program for, sub par games, bottlenecking, jaggies, poor frame rate etc.......
SofaKingReetodded  +   3068d ago
awww isn't that cute
you take everything we knock the 3FIXME for and accuse the PS3 of it.

xbots are
Amplifier  +   3069d ago
maybe in the future for this title, "sixaxis"

Leaves many to ponder....

Covenant  +   3069d ago
So there's no need to flame or start a p!ssing contest. Just late dev kits--not an issue of superiority/inferiority of one particular console over/under another.

We've had PLENTY to flame about lately---let's take a break.
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TheXgamerLive  +   3069d ago
What is this, treat it like it doesn't exist?
Yes, it is inferiority. The ps3 is an inferior gaming machine. It's proven on an almost daily basis.

Some people out of kindness try to tip toe around it to pretend it doesn't exist but it does. It's common sence.

Everyone see's it but so many are afraid to say it. It's an over priced DVD player, end of story.

In fact, more games delay than those that don't. Think of 5 ps3 games really quick, how many delayed?

If UT3 comes out and the ps3 version is every bit as good as the Xbox 360 version then I'll eat my words, however in some ways it wont be, I guarantee it.
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Mr_Kuwabara  +   3069d ago
Even if your ignorance states that it is only a Blu-Ray player it's still not overprice. So keep on living in fantasy "I can't buy it because it's so much money so I'll buy a 360 and bash the people who has the console that I really wanted but couldn't get because I have no job so $600 dollars is way too much of a big #" world.
JokesOnYou  +   3069d ago
you are correct Xgamer
everyone wants to play nice and lie to the sony kids about their beloved poo-ray3 FACT: complexity does not equal superiority. it just means it takes longer to get good results on that will come close to its 360 counter part. and it will cost the devs more money at the same time.= poo-ray3 is not optimal for gaming. sugar coat it all they like but the bottom line is sony design decisions were focused on poo-ray trojan horse format, which is why they included a pos GPU at the last minute, which is why its not designed to allow devs the best tools, why its so difficult to get games equal to 360, which is why they keep delaying sony games, which is why the 360 is a superior gaming console. sorry sony kids but once again=

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SofaKingReetodded  +   3068d ago
some xbots redefine blind and stupid
TheMART-sucksdick  +   3069d ago
Not for me
I'm quite sick of WW2 games, anyone else agree?
DrPirate  +   3069d ago
Komrad  +   3069d ago
second that.
Gorgon  +   3069d ago
Husso  +   3069d ago
that and they suck, so its to be expected.
Meus Renaissance  +   3069d ago
You've already short-changed us you son of a bitc*, and you will continue to short-change us, first by delivering a crappy port.
power of Green  +   3069d ago
Tell how you know "there will obviously be some slight polish on the PS3 version" in the sense of over the other versions as what came across in your post.

All it sounds like to me is that the PS3 version's looking good and not like crap and we'll release it when we feel its ready and on par with the others. Sure he has to say ps3 is good and pwoerful because the trend of popular opinion with multi platform games.

There isn't any proof of which console's the lowest common denominator all people can judge from are the multi platform games on the 360 looking better and that even PS3 led games still end up looking better on 360 after they use the untapped capabilities or what wasn't available on the PS3. PS3 basiclly almost matches the 360 by requiring many months of extra dev time.
JewyMcJew  +   3069d ago
Unreal Engine Problems
When it first appeared that Epic's Unreal Engine would be used in so many games, Sony should have had a dedicated team sent to Epic (for free) to clean up the engine so it would work as well on the CELL.

Insomniac clearly shows that the PS3 is as capable as 360, but if studios don't want to re-invent the wheel and use Epic cost-cutting engine, the CELL's magnificence is irrelevant.

Hopefully Sony will have the Unreal engine up to par by the end of the year and these problems will go away.

Film makers do not invent new cameras and lighting equipment. They purchase what they need to tell great stories. Video games developers are starting to use that business model as well... Sony should have realized this sooner.
SKUD  +   3069d ago
EA doesnt want to short change PS3 owners?
Did he really just say that?.
ArduousAndy  +   3069d ago
I'm a 360 owner and I gotta say. His comment of short change ps3 owners is hilarious. Is this not the same company that stated that Madden is going to be at 60 fps on the 360 while the PS3 is going to be half that?

Is this not the same company whose ports on the ps3 have been sub-par compared to the 360 version?

Seriously he needs to reword his comments. If I was a PS3 owner I would be seriously angry.
Tabasco  +   3069d ago
^^^^ yup
pretty much sums it up for me.
rain1971  +   3069d ago
See how one clear explanations from the developers as to delays releaves us of a thousand speculations. Nice one EA.
BIadestarX  +   3069d ago
Bottom line... PS3 owners pay the premium price of $600 to get front row to Next Gen gaming.... and then are told they have to wait.
EA is saying that the PS3 needs more polishing ... did they say it will be better than the xbox 360 version? NO. Simply that the PS3 version needs more work. So, it goes down to....

XBox 360 gamers as always get the 3rd party game first.
PS3 gamers have to wait... and when they actually get it... they get an inferior game....

I know you Sony fanboys get updset when you hear it... but do I have to pull the big list of 3rd party games that are proven to be better on the xbox 360? ehhh? ehhhh? don't make me!.... I though so!

@TheMuff - I am not neutral. Forget the bubbles.. I am not going to lie to myself because of bubbles... I'm in it for the games... Yes, true... You heard me talk about Warhawk, Metal Gear and Final fantasy.. which are PS3 games... why? Because those games are great! So, when articles about those games are posted I'm all positive.
But, what do you want me to say about PS3 constant delays? and the fact that games released on the xbox 360 and the PS3 look better on the xbox 360? You want me to do what you do? Lie to myself and say... delays are great... I love delays... please delay all my games... sorry dude... I may buy a PS3 because of some of the games I want... and some 1st party games... but unlike Sony fanboys... I'm smart enough to know a delay is a bad thing... specially if the other camp(xbox 360) guys get to play it first.
#13 (Edited 3069d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Jeba  +   3069d ago
haa bladestar the guy that went neutral to try and gain bubbles but got caught out being fake and retarded.. so he returns to what he does best .. being an a$$

let me ask

"How does this affect you?"
achira  +   3068d ago
bladestar we know that you are a idiot, you must not proov this again and again. 600$ is for a quality product. we know you are dumb, you would pay 5x 400$ for crap like the xbox360, and still complain about ps3 price. such ppl like you buy the iphone for 600$ and dont complain about that, but the ps3... , lol. such ppl like you are racists, thats the only reason you busturds are here. if the ps3 would be an american product you would pick it in your ass. the only hope is that not all americans are such idiots like you, i am sure they are not. suck billys balls, you busturd.
kspraydad  +   3069d ago
Rumble there ANY chance that many of these PS3 delays are the developers adjusting for the upcoming (assumed) rumble controller? They can't SAY that is the reason until SONY announces (E3?) but it might help explain some of these delays no?
Bathyj  +   3069d ago
Well, they're doing the right thing, I guess even if it is still bloody annoying. This is just just something we'll have to put up with for the first generation of games and its worth keeping that in mind. These are all first geration for PS3 and games coming out now were all started before the machine was even out. Games being started now and in the future should have a big advantage over the 1st wave titles.

Xbots, spin it how you want. Once again your only real advantage was starting early, just like the console war. Thats was this title will be on Xbox first and thats why you have a measly 4-5 million working consoles in circulation more than Sony even with your years head start.
JokesOnYou  +   3069d ago
ha ha
and this is the guy who tried to pretend he was just a concerned consumer about the hardware failure rate, I told you sony kids are just liars, at least I don't pretend to be some neutral sony kid and then bash the other console, you hate the fact that micro can admit they have a high failure rate and is still going to keep outselling the poo-ray3, and after E3 their sales are going to grow and continue to widen the gap with the great gaming lineup in 2007 and beyond simply cause its a better GAMINING console and thats what real gamers want, the best games system, you sony kids hate the fact that micro is on top and they don't want to admit that they were fooled by the sony pr machine that told them their $600 poo-ray player would do 4D and deliver these OMG next gen games when we launch, now its but, but, give them time, wait, but, wait, and wait, and one day this and one day that, they keep runnin from the reality that poo-ray3 is getting its @ss kicked in the gaming arena. its only going to get worst sony kids=

#15.1 (Edited 3069d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SofaKingReetodded  +   3068d ago
what's a GAMINING console??

shut up you moron
Meus Renaissance  +   3069d ago
THC PRITCHARD  +   3069d ago
like ea aid they need the cell
Jeremy Gerard  +   3069d ago
For the love of
all that is good why does anybody take the PS3 seriously as a game console anymore!?!? Delayed games of lesser quality for 200 extra bux, why would anyone with a working brain buy this thing over a 360? PSX and PS2 were great but that is not the case this time, PS3 is a bluray player first, console second, it should be treated as such.
TheExecutive  +   3069d ago
well, i will be spending my money on AAA titles that are coming out around the same time, EA wont be getting my money with this title.
Rhezin  +   3069d ago
I hope epic f00ks up their little project with sony and the game turns out like shyte!
Tabasco  +   3069d ago
Are you serious? Why do you hate the ps3 so much? is it really necessary for you to bash it in almost every post you have? I would like to know why but unfortunately you have only one bubble and can't respond becuase of your fanboy like comments.
Morbius420  +   3069d ago
And I hope that
Epic makes the best game they can and surprises everyone by revitalizing the Medal of Honor franchise. I hope we'll all enjoy this game no matter if we play it on the 360 or the PlayStation3. I really want to like this game.
crippler666  +   3069d ago
Not one of my first choices, will probably buy Haze instead and wait for this on budget.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3069d ago
Sounds like a cover for the truth.
CyberSentinel  +   3069d ago
"“We want to release on PS3 when we can deliver a much more polished and complete experience.”


'We’re a platform-agnostic company, so the challenge for Medal of Honor Airborne is always fully leveraging the platform, and not doing what some of our competitors do, which is cater to the lowest common denominator.”

EA will not cater to the lowest common denoninator?

EA? The company that will whore every one of its titles to every console/PC/handheld it possibly can for another shilling. Anyone wanna bet that even with the extra time (DELAY) it STILL won't get a better game average then the 360 version? Anyone? I didn't think so.

@22: Bubble for you sir.


IGN : 360 7.8

IGN: PoS3 7.7

IGN : Head to Head 360 -vs- PoS3

"The Xbox 360 is much smoother both in terms of edges and models."

"You're gonna get several more jaggies in the Playstation 3 version especially when you bring up your "Darkness Powers". There are tons of jaggies in walls, in character models and enviromental pieces. In the Xbox 360 version there are some jaggies but not nearly as many as in the Playstation 3."

"Another difference is that the Playstation 3 version has several framerate drops"

"Soundwide, contentwise, gameplaywise the game is the same."

"Online gameplay is better in the Xbox 360 because of Xbox Live."

Blind Lemmings, I Don't Believe The Hype.
##? (Edited 3068d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Bolts  +   3069d ago
Agree. This game will still look like crap when it comes out "polish" or not. Seeing how the screen shots already looks dated I couldn't care less if this game even comes out at all. Its all about Halo, KZ2, CoD 4, Warhawk, Crysis and all the other REAL nextgen games anyways.
SofaKingReetodded  +   3068d ago
where were you
3FIXME nutlickers when the video comparison of the darkness was put up and clearly showed that the PS3 version as head and shoulders above the 3fixme version??

that article was a xbot ghosttown.

so keep lying to yourselves that titles look better on that POS you call a console.
slugg  +   3068d ago
Seems to me
That this is confirmation of Microsofts strategy to nullify Sony's advantages from last generation-- the 360 came out first, and this is a definite ADVANTAGE that Microsoft went for ON PURPOSE. Now, with the extended warranty, if 360 issues were a result of rushing to market, it might not as big of an advantage as they hoped ($1 billion loss? Ouch. Good thing MS is swimming in money...), but my sources tell me that one of the manufacturers that USED to make the 360 (so the one MS severed ties with) was assembling them wrong, and even after the issue was found, didn't fix the problem-- thus they don't make 360's anymore, but every single system made at that plant has the potential to get the three red lights of death. So, it is not really Microsofts fault, but a real bummer none the less. This explains why some people, like me, have had a launch system and used it heavily with no problems, and some people who have bought systems as recently as a couple of months ago still might-- apparently once in the retail channel, there is no way without opening the box and inspection the system to tell which company manufactured it. So PS3 systems might have problems in the future after its warranty expires; so early next year PS3 drives might start dying, there is no way to tell yet. So I just ask, based on company history, what do you think Sony would do if the situation were reversed? But back to the article at hand, whether dev kits or difficulty to code for is the problem, more and more PS3 simultanious releases are being delayed (DiRT, devleoped on Sony's own Neon engind, WTF?), or cancelled (Fatal Inertia, one of the first games even announced for PS3, now 360 only.) So, say what you want, releasing first was a good move on MS's part, delay to add/finish Blu-ray was a bad move on Sony's part.
ld_ruiz69  +   3068d ago
ok then
All for the better right? At least they dont try a rushed out half assed port right?

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