EA Explains Medal of Honor Airborne PS3 Delay

Earlier this week, EA confirmed that Medal of Honor Airborne for PS3 would be arriving in November this year, as opposed to the August 28 release date for the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

Executive producer Patrick Gilmore told Next-Gen in a phone interview today that the Airborne team had received PS3 dev kits "a little bit later" than Xbox 360 and PC, and those two SKUs have "always" been ahead of the PS3 version.

He said that the PS3 version is "looking good," but added, "We want to release on PS3 when we can deliver a much more polished and complete experience." Gilmore wants to make sure that Sixaxis functionality with the PS3 version is up to par, and said he doesn't want to "shortchange" PS3 owners.

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Caxtus7503910d ago

Im sure there will obviously be some slight polish on the PS3 version but then again maybe programming for the PS3 meant the game was held by a few months, or maybe some cool features will be implemented for the sixaxis.

We shall see.....

richie007bond3910d ago

To tell you the truth the ps3 is a bit of a [email protected] to program for and we are finding it far more difficult than sony lead us to believe,so bear with us and dont get us started on the sixasis [email protected] or we will be here till 2008...

TheXgamerLive3910d ago

It's not going to change, the dev kit BS is hillarious, but they were trying to be kind. Difficulty to program for, sub par games, bottlenecking, jaggies, poor frame rate etc.......

SofaKingReetodded3909d ago

you take everything we knock the 3FIXME for and accuse the PS3 of it.

xbots are

Amplifier3910d ago

maybe in the future for this title, "sixaxis"

Leaves many to ponder....


Covenant3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

So there's no need to flame or start a p!ssing contest. Just late dev kits--not an issue of superiority/inferiority of one particular console over/under another.

We've had PLENTY to flame about lately---let's take a break.

TheXgamerLive3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

Yes, it is inferiority. The ps3 is an inferior gaming machine. It's proven on an almost daily basis.

Some people out of kindness try to tip toe around it to pretend it doesn't exist but it does. It's common sence.

Everyone see's it but so many are afraid to say it. It's an over priced DVD player, end of story.

In fact, more games delay than those that don't. Think of 5 ps3 games really quick, how many delayed?

If UT3 comes out and the ps3 version is every bit as good as the Xbox 360 version then I'll eat my words, however in some ways it wont be, I guarantee it.

Mr_Kuwabara3910d ago

Even if your ignorance states that it is only a Blu-Ray player it's still not overprice. So keep on living in fantasy "I can't buy it because it's so much money so I'll buy a 360 and bash the people who has the console that I really wanted but couldn't get because I have no job so $600 dollars is way too much of a big #" world.

JokesOnYou3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

everyone wants to play nice and lie to the sony kids about their beloved poo-ray3 FACT: complexity does not equal superiority. it just means it takes longer to get good results on that will come close to its 360 counter part. and it will cost the devs more money at the same time.= poo-ray3 is not optimal for gaming. sugar coat it all they like but the bottom line is sony design decisions were focused on poo-ray trojan horse format, which is why they included a pos GPU at the last minute, which is why its not designed to allow devs the best tools, why its so difficult to get games equal to 360, which is why they keep delaying sony games, which is why the 360 is a superior gaming console. sorry sony kids but once again=


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