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Samurai Shodown Sen Review - Xbox Evolved

Xbox Evolved writes:

"Samurai Spirits: Flash has finally made its way to North America. Samurai Shodown Sen brings the classic 3D fighting formula to the Xbox 360 and it's everything you would expect – or almost everything. " (Arcade, Samurai Shodown Sen, Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny, Samurai Showdown Sen, Samurai Spirits Sen, Xbox 360) 7.5/10

ProA007  +   1632d ago
finally a review
AridSpider  +   1632d ago
yeah been waiting to see how this game was. Tired of these release day reviews publishers force on some people - I like to know ahead of time.

Anyway, looks like the game isnt too bad.
JasonXE  +   1632d ago
I think they just do that to protect day 1 sales
Blaze929  +   1632d ago
pretty good read. might go pick this up today
ProA007  +   1632d ago
yep ordered off Gamestop, shipping soon :D
AridSpider  +   1632d ago
JasonXE  +   1632d ago
I think I'll go for Super Street Fighter IV isntead
Blaze929  +   1632d ago
true...plus its $10 cheaper than this. What exactly is new in SSFIV anyway? I played the original.
AridSpider  +   1632d ago
some new fighters, modes, fighting system has been modified, and i think a bunch of other new stuff. Is it worth it if you have/played the original SFIV? That's what I want to find out
Blaze929  +   1632d ago
ahh so I guess it cant just come out as DLC for the original version then huh?
JasonXE  +   1632d ago
I'd guess no because of the new tweaks.
AridSpider  +   1632d ago
yeah I think they already confirmed they can't do that

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