Reason for Sony's dominance: Mind share

For all intents and purposes, Sony was the first company to bring respectable products to every consumer electronics division at an affordable price. But over the past few years, the company's products have suffered from poor design and quality issues that put its devices toward the bottom..

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cartman3133887d ago

Poor design? Isn't it the $400 console that was poorly designed?

TheXgamerLive3887d ago

$499.99 and $599.99

But yeah, I know what you mean.

The title of the article cracks me up. Sony dominance? There one of the top 5 electronic maker in some area's, but no dominance.

ALI G3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

wii = 250$
PS3(20GB)=500$ .

oh i get what you mean after 100$ price drop PS3(20GB)WILL BE 400$ that the one you mean poorly designed > that is why sony not shifting any 20GB in europe

EDIT:@below : he did not mean that you idiot .it not your falut since his hint was way over your head.

3886d ago
MEGANE3886d ago

Dont u think is funni that after MS issues with 360 a ramdon review for sony's hi quality products comes out when everyone knows sony makes the best(i can guarantee that everyone reading this has a sony divice at home with no complaint), is ovius that some one is trying to turn the heat in another dirretion...(bully gates).

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Eclipticus3887d ago

no manufactured poorly, but the ps3 just looks horrendous.

actionjackson3886d ago

seriously? Come on, please, don't comment just to comment.

Eclipticus3885d ago

wow 12 disagrees i feel kinda proud bout that.
but yeah. i just dont like the way the pe3 looks, but that is my personal opinion.

DJ3887d ago

Where the hell has this guy been looking? haha

actionjackson3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

I never liked Sony in the past. I actually would never buy anything from them. And since I have a few friends that work at Cnet, I always read the reviews for any product category that I'm willing to purchase. Although I don't base my purchase solely on Cnet ratings, I've come to the following conclusion. Sony is more expensive, because the products they build are premium quality. Quality doesn't mean the best specs on paper. It means they are built to last, and to keep the same specification for the life of the product, not just for the first year of the product. From Viao notebooks, to LCD/Tube Tv's, to DVD players, etc. The only reason the Sony products don't have the highest rating in every category is because the price. Well, I recommend everyone buy a Visio LCD from Costco )Westinghouse - Bestbuy) and see it's average work life. I'll even give 1080i on the Visio to 720p on the Sony and, what do you know, Sony's still looks and performs better. People love to hate Sony, because they are the giant, just like MS is in the Software sector. But noone can deny that they do make great products. Why are we unnecessarily bashing a company that is providing us with great product?

ALIEN3887d ago

Did he say poor quality and poor design? just look at the design of the ps3, it looks way better than XBOX360, and the the design of the PSP looks cool too. About the quality, PS3 has not suffered from poor quality, i think M$ is having more problems than SONY fixing thier console. This guy has been drinking alot, lately.

TheXgamerLive3887d ago

The ps3 looks like a george foremen grill. I'm sure you've heard that before. So, ummm no! The ps3 doesn't look good and yes, poor design. Comprehend?

DJ3887d ago

The 360 looks like a maxi-pad from the front. It's all good.

Armyless3887d ago

And, of course, it doesn't hurt that the quality is built THROUGH the entire console.

actionjackson3886d ago

I'm just as shocked as you! DJ, I've never heard the PS3 looking like the GF grill, but I do know that everytime anyone sees a PS3 in a room, they gravitate towards it. They must be hungry? I beg to differ.

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funkysolo3887d ago

This is the guy that buys the cheap LCD thinking that he got a good deal and a year later he finds out why it was cheap. Sony is like honda people know that they are getting a quality product, nothing you can say will change that plain and simple.

warfed3887d ago

lmao don't compare sony to a honda!!! (unlelss it's an NSX)

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