Special Bungie goodies on XBLM tomorrow

"Tomorrow, whether you know it or not, is Bungie day. Fans of Bungie will know that the number 7 has a special significance to the company and its games. As such, July 7 (7/7, get it?) has become known as Bungie day. Seeing that tomorrow is 7/707, this year marks a super special Bungie day (so special, in fact, that it won't happen again for one hundred years). To celebrate, some extra special Bungie goodies will be appearing on Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow. What sort of goodies exactly? We don't know. All we do know is that it won't be related to Halo 3 and is "of a more decorative nature." Naturally, we're guessing themes and gamer pictures. You'd better act fast though, as these downloadable morsels will only be available tomorrow. At the stroke of midnight, they will vanish into the intertubes."

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Extra Guy4033d ago

It almost seems ironic, here in the UK it will be a day of mourning. I wonder if it would be like this if the date were 9/11? Still the past is the past, Bungie day here i come.

Caxtus7504033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

This issue was raised last year on Bungie day too and there is a big game release on 9/11, Cant remeber what, but there is.

It is a sad day for us here and we will all remember those who we tragiclly lost and we will send all our best wishes to the families aswell but i think it is also important to not let terroism affect us and to carry on living as best we can-not to let terrorism win.
We will mourn but we will also not let terrorism ruin the day (7/7) for us every year and i personally will also celebrate Bungie day! :)

nice themes pleasee and maybe some vids

Extra Guy4033d ago

TBH i couldn't care when stuff is released, if anything it would be a good day to release stuff. I feel the same way about almost all other tragedies, i don't go around weeping on the day my grandfather passed away. It's happened and there's no point prolonging something which in the long run is the desired effect.

Anywho why did i get us onto this subject? I'm curious about what's going to be released. If something's free then it's a definate download for me. If i have to pay; not so much (probably won't get anything then :) ).

Caxtus7504033d ago

lol agreed,

hmm im hoping a new theme...most themes are poor imo so a new one would be good. Some gamerpics also and maybe a Myth arcade game?

JasonXE4033d ago

Fatal Interia(sp?) is being released on 9/11 for xbox 360 to north america. When i saw that i thought "Don't they know the date is?"

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zonetrooper54033d ago

Its probaly a theme and gamerpics on some of their old games like Myth, Oni or Martarthon etc.

SlyDark Star4033d ago

Every time I leave for the summer some cool stuff or free stuff on the XBLM comes out for one day and I'm never there.

Seriously whats next?!
Last year-Texas Hold em
This year-Cool Bungie stuff(possibly halo 3 as well)
Next year-One day only demo of Halo 4?

Daxx4033d ago

Yeah same for me too. I'm in West Virginia right now and won't be back home until late Sunday, bummer. -_-

mcgrawgamer4033d ago

I'll be up tonight to see what it is.

Caxtus7504033d ago

is it regional? ie in 7mins will it be availible in the UK?

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