Haze: Mantel Wants You

Mantel Global Industries is a huge multi-national corporation, who are involved in the design and/or production of just about every aspect of modern life. They've even branched out into the military, providing a cost-effective replacement for the UN and NATO. So, bottom line: Mantel's private military army is in charge of peace-keeping the world over.

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THE HIVE MIND3942d ago

well they can have me if they would release it
Ive already exceded at boot camp
im a killer

MK_Red3942d ago

Mantel for everyone? No, it will be an M rated game so not everyone can play it.

But really, Haze looks to be a really serious and yet fun game. The whole Mantel and Nector thing. Hope it all turns out really good.

OutpostCommand3941d ago

Im looking forward to see how that will work online, too.

MK_Red3941d ago

Same here. Nector overdose would be really kool/crazy in multiplayer. Like when a team is going to ambush and suddenly one of them has overdose and holds a grenade in his hands until it explodes! And devs said there are many other and creative effects tp nector that aren't revealed yet.

MK_Red3941d ago

This article explains these:

And a kool video that was posted on GamePlanets and here: