Namco E3 lineup confirms Katamari exclusivity?

If you needed any more confirmation that Beautiful Katamari will only roll on the Xbox 360, you need look no further than Namco Bandai's recently released E3 lineup. Eurogamer has the list and was quick to notice that the Xbox 360 was the only platform designated for the title. Is it ironclad proof that Beautiful Katamari is 360 exclusive? No, but it's pretty damned close. Other Namco Bandai 360 games to be shown at E3 include Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Ace Combat 6, Eternal Sonata, and Culdcept SAGA.

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CaliGamer4027d ago

Never played the first two, is this game good? Oh well, won't be playing it anytime soon I guess. Enjoy MS fans.

VirusE4027d ago

Namco is serriously going down hill. What happened to the trash that was frame city killer?

omansteveo4027d ago

It got cancelled bc it was trash

funkysolo4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Time crisis is going to be so much fun, I love the gun con games co-op is so much fun. If you haven't tried it, I definitely recomend you at least try it once and you'll be hook. And can someone give me bubbles plz, I have both 360/PS3 but xbots don't like that I think PS3 is a better system.

sticky doja4027d ago

You have a 360, yet all you do is bash it and give praise to PS3? Sounds hard to believe. If you have a 360 give me your gamertag so we can play sometime, or compare games at least. I honestly feel if you do have a 360 and have played games on it you would not bash it half as much as you do. You tell me your gamertag, I'll contact you on Live, you confirm its you and not some random dude who you got their gamertag from and I will give you a bubble.

original seed4027d ago

I'll give you a bubble if you give me your Gamertag. Not because you have an Xbox but because you're not lying.

BIadestarX4027d ago

right.... I asked this @*#^#@#(funkysolo) for his xbox gamertag the other day... because he keep saying he has a 3rd and he didn't response... something tells he is just another Sony fanboys pretending to have an xbox 360 thinking that it will add more credibility to the crap he says... Trust me.... you can be a Sony fanboy even if you own a 360... the only different is.. that your are dumb enough to spend $400 (xbox 360) on something you dislike... that makes you dumb.

omansteveo4027d ago

90 bucks for a game that i can beat in 30 minutes no thanks

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The story is too old to be commented.