Gamer Limit Review: Heavy Rain Chronicles Episode 1: The Taxidermist

Gamer Limit writes "The actual run-time may be short, but this narrow focus and versatile structure allows for more incentive to play it multiple times to find out how you can directly manipulate each scene."

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StartWars2974d ago

Not a patch on the full Heavy Rain experience.

GrahameG2974d ago

Looks like a quick cash-in then.

Really hope they bring out some completely original short stories as DLC like they intimated in interviews before the game's release.

Ziriux2974d ago

I dont think i'll be picking up this one, the story from the original was good enough for me.

thedoctor2974d ago

15 minutes? For all this wait? Pfft.

TheGameLlama2974d ago

Wait'll number 2! It'll be only 30 seconds long but with 23563 different endings.

Ziriux2974d ago

THat for me is too many endings I'm sorry, i dont mind two, but more than five is just nuts.

StartWars2974d ago

It's a real shame about its length, because it was an otherwise intense package.

themizarkshow2974d ago

They managed to create even more plot holes for the main game with DLC!!! Man... what will they think of next!?

Ziriux2974d ago

This game could be like a big soap opera, we'll see how it'll evolve.

Yuenanimous2974d ago

I think I'll wait until there is a GOTY edition or whatever. By then, hopefully they will bundle all the DLC with the original game.

JQ2974d ago

I didnt even know they were doing this.