SEGA to Release Bleach for Wii and DS

SEGA of America on Friday announced plans to bring the hit anime fighting franchise Bleach to both Wii and DS this fall in time for the launch of the television show's second season on the Cartoon Network. Bleach: Shattered Blade is underway for Wii and Bleach: Blade of Fate for handheld.

"Bleach offers both fans and newcomers alike an action-packed arcade experience that delivers fast-paced swordplay in the tradition of the animated series' intense action sequences," said Scott A. Steinberg, vice president of marketing, SEGA of America. "Bleach is an exciting and highly anticipated property that translates extremely well to the versatility of the Wii Remote and the DS' portable gameplay, and SEGA is proud to be the first to bring the video game series to the North American audience."

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Syko3908d ago

I have had this game for 3 months... It's even already in english. The menus are mainly in Japanese, but they all have the English caption under them so it is very playable. Cool fighting game and a totally different art style than anything for the Wii in the States.

Raikso3907d ago

...coming on television or did I misunderstood?