RTE307 - Call Of Duty 4 Boot Camp : New Screens

There will be a lot of big first person shooters at E3, but one on many minds is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Gameinformer close in on an exclusive Road To E3 2007 coverage interview with Infinity Ward Studio Head Grant Collier, and not only give you the full run-down on this highly anticipated shooter, but a number of new screens as well.

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IBLEEDBLU4028d ago

those screens look simply amazing!

this and KZ2 will own all - sooo looking 4ward for this title - i just hope they have co-op online

id dot entity4028d ago

This is looking great! The lighting is like nothing I have ever seen!

Douglasp4028d ago

They pretty much say NO CO OP for this years COD. But seems like its a goal for future gen of COD since they are fans of CO OP.

They also mention this "There are some small differences on the technical side between the Xbox 360 and the PS3. For our engine, they really seem to be minor as far as what the player is going to notice."

He also mentions PC will have 32 players online while 360 and PS3 will have 16.

MK_Red4028d ago

I just hope the PS3/360 versions are as good as PC one in terms of graphics and gameplay. Nice new screens, cant wait.

THX71684028d ago co-op...

"Collier: Well, we’ve always been huge fans of co-op and have always wanted to do it, but we’ve always been biting off so much—we bite off huge amounts—like when we had Call of Duty 2 a launch title for 360. Now, with the entire change to modern warfare and the total revamping of the technology, whenever we set out to do something we want to do it really, really well. We want to do co-op, but we want to do it really, really well. I’m not going to comment on the future, but we’re fans of it and anything we do we want to do really, really well."

Why don't they just do it really, really well and implement it into CoD4. Problem solved. :-)

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