New GTA IV info

New info including return of wardrobe from Rockstar Uncut:
Some news has come about in a new German GamePro magazine, although its just small info, it still counts.

- At the beginning of the game, Roman's taxi stand will be Niko's first safehouse and the first place for receiving missions, as well.
- A wardrobe will be introduced in Niko's latter safehouse.
- The pedestrians will react accordingly to Niko's actions.
- The mobile phone will play a big role in GTA IV.
And more...

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sticky doja3882d ago

Am I the only one that can't seem to get through on the link?

MK_Red3882d ago

It just went dead. When I posted it was alright and others checked it but I also got one dead link report. I dont know whats wrong with it now. Sorry, it wasn't dead when it got posted but now...

Sangheili853882d ago

Cool thanks MK_Red it's working and pretty sweet.

Syko3882d ago

- The pedestrians will react accordingly to Niko’s actions.

How many times will they say this BS in a video game. They will probably still say the same 3 things over and over and scream and run if I have a gun. Nothing mind blowing I guarantee.

I don't mind "Improved pedestrian A.I." But not that they will react to everything.

MK_Red3882d ago

Actually I think they mean a mechanism similair to Assassins where player can physically affect other people in street.
Hopefully they make it a true sequel to GTA3.

Syko3882d ago

Don't get me wrong, I hope so. I just refuse to buy what they are selling this time, because every time I do it just pisses me off a little more. These sandbox games seem to be the slowest progressing games around. Besides the environments, everyone has been nearly identical to the last. Yet every time they say the pedestrian and traffic A.I. is improved. When in reality they are just as stupid as the zombies in Resident Evil.

Syko3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

- The mobile phone will play a big role in GTA IV.

If Otis from Dead Rising is on the other line, I will fire this game out into my pool. Jesus was that guy annoying. 1000's of Zombies on my ass and he's blowing up my phone non-stop ?! What a prick...

sticky doja3882d ago

That guy almost got me killed like 50 times, and he got pissed when I hung up to attack a zombie that was about to chew on my neck.

Audiggity3882d ago

So, we now know where he starts... and that he gets missions from there... and you can change his clothes... and that the cell phone will be *very* important (correct me if I'm wrong, but, phones essentially are used to make calls, and that's about it... unless you can dynamically speak to NPC's using the headset... I can't imagine it being that groundbreaking)...

Last but possibly least, pedestrians will react to everything? They'd better! You've been working on this game for years and it will potentially be the first to utilize the Euphoria engine.

How about some details that make us sit and think? I'm dying to know how the new physics engine will be incorporated. Give us some examples of that, things that we could never imagine from GTAIII that are now possible in IV. Can we spend time with a pistol, shooting away support beams of objects on the tops of buildings? Causing them to detach and crash on the street below in real time? How about a minigame with a fire rescue chopper with people hanging onto the rope ladder for dear life as they swing wildly beneath you? Can people be ejected from high speed car crashes?

Let's talk details... not vague already known blips of information (all of that has been mentioned already aside from the taxi safehouse)

I can't wait for this game.

MyNutsYourChin3882d ago

This GTA looks like it's going to be incredible in it's grandure but I'm having concerns about its gameplay. I don't mean to start a war here but really, who enjoyed needing to go eat, exercise, or excessively tag the entire city? Those types of actions seriously turned me off of San Andreas.

So no offense to any of you who are hardcore GTA fans but if this game turns out to be more intricately involved and have detailed character necessities (i.e. need to eat, need to exercise, etc.) than San Andreas, I feel it's going to be a real irritation to play.

I for one found more pleasure in playing Vice City than any other GTA to date.

Audiggity3882d ago

They've already confirmed that all of the nitpickery has been removed. You don't need to eat or cater to your girlfriend or workout...

Your skills improve, but this happens naturally over time (Similar to Oblivion I guess).

I agree with you 100% and Vice City was a much better game than San Andreas. Straight forward, not too much little side crap to worry about, and a story line that was consistent and made you want to keep going.

I am convinced that GTA IV will blow the doors off of Vice City and improve upon it greatly. I don't think any of us can predict how the gameplay will pan out considering none of us have played a game using the Euphoria engine teamed up with RAGE.

MyNutsYourChin3882d ago

That's just what I want to hear :) Thanks for the info, Audiggity.

In that case, GTA IV will indeed be a fantastic gaming least for me.

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