Jenga Confirmed

Recently reported was that Atari would show a Jenga game at E3. WiiFanboy wondered if it was going to be just Jenga or some kind of expanded game based on the concept of Jenga?

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BlackIceJoe4033d ago

The idea of the game Looks like a nice concept. I for one have not played Jenga in a long time. I do wonder how the game will play. Seeing as you will not be really pulling out the pieces I wonder how it will work with the controls.

That being said this should be a nice party game if Atari can pull it off and make the controls work with the game.

VirusE4033d ago

Personally i think this is a goofy idea. I love Jenga but its not the kind of game that translates well into a virtual world.

Daxx4033d ago

It sounds like a good idea to put Jenga on the Wii but what the Wii really needs right now is less mini games and more game games. I sure hope they annouce the next Mario Kart at E3.

ER1X4033d ago

Now that's next gen! LOL

Rooted_Dust4033d ago

This really sums up the Wii nicely for me. Wii: As fun and as groundbreaking as a 15 year table-top game.

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