Resistance, Ratchet and the Power of PS3 in interview with Ted Price

In this interview, Price goes into great detail about quality of life issues, his thoughts on crunch, the new E3, why Insomniac is loyal to Sony and much more. Read on.

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MK_Red3882d ago

"Currently: Ted's responsibilities include directing the company's day-to-day business, overseeing its projects and the work of the art department . Ted is also the Chairman of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and sits on the E3 advisory board."
Wow, didnt know he's chairman of AIAS and E3 advisor. I love the Ratchet series, cant wait for TOD.

Violater3882d ago

Insomniac voted in top 10 Best Places to work.

gunnerforlife3882d ago

thats the longest article i have ever read my eyes r hurting, but i liked it i wonder when resistence 2 is going to come out

NewScratch3882d ago

do you need a lead web manager?

no? how about just a lead web producer? if not maybe just a web maintenance guy?

no? a phone call taker? a coffee-go-out-and-getter?


hellomrhieu3882d ago

i'll be his footrest. please? :D

ALIEN3882d ago

Keep doing whatchu doing.

Odion3882d ago

I want to work for the blizzards!

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The story is too old to be commented.