Bleach games coming to the Wii and DS

Sega has announced plans to publish Bleach: Shattered Blade for the Wii and Bleach: The Blade of Fate for the DS in early 2008.

The Wii game, based on the popular anime, will encourage players to "use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as their weapons" so they can be "slashing, jabbing, and lunging in furious battles like a real Soul Reaper."

The DS game will be developed by Treasure and include Wi-Fi multiplayer.

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Odiah4034d ago

Chance of that coming to Europe/USA? Hella low I'd say.

KingJFS4034d ago

But this is the announcement of the American/European release.

Raikso4033d ago

WOOHOO!! A english Bleach to Europe! Finally! I have tried an japanese Bleach to Psp, and it's so fun!