Sony reveals PSN E3 coverage plans

SCEA has revealed its plans to offer PlayStation Network coverage of the E3 Media & Business Summit.
Consumers will be able to download E3 content onto their PS3 consoles directly from the PlayStation Store, including the entire SCEA press conference to be held on July 11th.

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CyberSentinel3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Microsoft leads, Sony follows.

And Blind Lemmings, Follow Sony.

@2.1: "Sony came to the board a week later then M$, doesn't mean they didn't have a plan from the beginning." A week? 360 had E3 coverage on LIVE a year ago.

This is our second year. BTW lemming....WILL THERE BE ANY PLAYABLE DEMO's ON PSN from E3? We had them last year, I'll bet lemmings won't have anything but more movies and empty promises from Sony. I will also bet we WILL HAVE PLAYABLE DEMO's, just like last year.

Laughing At Lemmings.

@2.3: Instead their taking the lead in THIRD place. Worldwide.

@2.4: My launch day system hasn't failed me yet.

@2.5: So says the loser with the "generic name".

@2.6: And who's fault was that, their own.
Whats their excuse for the psp network?

@2.6 Sonys decision NOT to launch when THEY said they would, was their own FAULT. If they had launched when they said they were going to, they wouldn't have the "1 year" excuse.

Same as their PSN Video, Movie, Music service delay/failure is their own fault. Sony promises, MS delivers.

@2.7: Don't feel sad for me, instead open your eyes.

@2.9: Refer to 2.6

@2.10: Same as waggle > sixaxis

@2.11: You have no seniority, n00b.

@2.12: And yet your feeble mind had to reply.

fenderputty3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Sony came to the board a week later then M$, doesn't mean they didn't have a plan from the beginning. You're starting to sound like that blind lemming you always push.

Either way, WHO GIVE A RATS'S ass. It's good to have this coverage. Negative spin won't work here.

Edit: I was talking about this year lamo. They weren't even at E3 last year.

ALI G3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

so they can learn from each other + add more to it+ give the customer what they want = the magical recipe
splling mistakes D:

weekapaugh3849d ago

good thing sony isn't taking M$ lead in defective console rate.

harpua3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

I think a blind lemming is someone who buys a product that has a 33% chance of failing.

genericname3849d ago

lol.......cyber gets pwned again.

Siesser3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

You do realize that PS3 wasn't even out last E3, right? There's no reason to believe they wouldn't have presented coverage like this given the opportunity.


There's no "fault" to it. Their system wasn't out, and yet you're claiming they should have somehow had demos and video downloadable to the machine. Unless they can shift time, there's no way they could have done it last year. It's a multimedia machine with internet access; I'm just saying there's no reason to assume that such a LOGICAL path as providing coverage would have escaped them. And I neither own nor follow the PSP, so I have no idea what networking issues you're referring to. As I understand it, you're supposed to be able to play online via wireless, and stream data from a PS3. If it does or doesn't do these flawlessly, I dont know.

masterg3849d ago


I feel sad for sad people like yourself.
You call everybody who doesn't share your views lemmings, yet you're probably the biggest one of them all.

EZCheez3849d ago

I was hoping you would still be here. It's nice to see that since I am returning to this site again you are still sharing your profound knowledge! Teach me more, oh wise one!

DiLeCtioN3849d ago

you fool the 360 came out a year and a half ago if ps3 was launched on the same date, e3 coverage will be availabe via psn dumma$$. so stop your spin offs lemming.

"Sony Follows The Leader
Microsoft leads, Sony follows".

lets see Microsoft ruining a Sony launch event. ring a bell ejiot? To me thats not leadership its more like desperation.

hulk_bash19873849d ago

Wow so i guess wen it was rumored that sony wouldnt use the PSN for E3 coverage it was bad and now wen they announced that they will be using the PSN for E3 coverage they only did so bcuz of MS.
Sony = Damnd if they do....Damnd if they dont.

Ares84PS33849d ago

Dude...I just want to tell you that
Lemmings = Xbox360 supporters
Cows = Playstation supporters
Sheep = Wii supporters
Hermits = PC supporters

So now you know that Lemmings do not follow Sony they follow M$ !

Owned?? :D

peksi3849d ago

This comment has it all: it's pointless, has no logic, has no sense, no argument - a total zero. If you wanna argue about something please at least try to justify your statements with something other than with your small opinion.

peksi3849d ago

You practically begged for it ;)

Alvadr3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

What the hell is this guy on about??

Wow 51 Disagree

I hope you can understand they ironey of your post. You refer to Sony fans as blind lemmings (followers). Whereas your post shows that you are quite clearley a blind MS follower, a lemming in your own right... Now learn how not to be a looser.

BTW Lair and Heavenly Sword playable demos have been confirmed

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Ru3849d ago

and will only download if there in HD
Otherwise its G4Tv for me!

NewScratch3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

has anyone gone to on their ps3 browser? not sure where i read this (probably here, sorry for the dupe if so) but its great. guess the videos are super early flash version that the wii and ps3 browsers can comprehend. last night i got on and started watching looping videos while zoomed in. can't wait for more folks to start putting their videos online in early flash format so i can get rid of cable. whats up abc (who already has a ton of their content in streaming flash, just not early flash), nbc, cbs, hbo, cartoon network, comedy central?

Retro-Virus3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

So, we don't get to see the two and half hour Killzone-2 then !


We, who pay 650$ after taxes don't get to see your game and the press who've been humiliating your console for aeons get to see it in all its glory. Really classy in shoving us one more time .

I hope you guys rot in hell ! I want to see KILLZONE-2 damn it !

Arkham3849d ago

The first presentation (the Killzone unveling) is a private affair. Sony is certainly not going to broadcast it until well after the fact.

EZCheez3849d ago

It's not as if you NEED a PS3 to see the KZ2 footage. You do have a tv right? I hope so since you paid for a PS3.

Just watch G4 or go to IGN or Gamespot or ANY other half decent video game website. If you have access to this site, then I can almost promise you that you will get a link to the presentation because I am sure some sneaky bastard will be recording. I would.

Vip3r3849d ago

Suppose it's better than nothing.

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