7.0 Resonance of Fate Review "Resonance of Fate is a game that tries to step away from many JRPG conventions, and in some ways it succeeds. It offers an innovative combat system, a novel world map and a new take on an old levelling system. However, the innovative combat can also be extremely frustrating and the level of grinding required causes the game to become quite monotonous - mainly because it means the story gets really segmented. The cast are great, the music is great, but the systems implemented in the game are really hit or miss."

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jammers3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

The gun combat looks pretty wicked in this game from what I've seen. Maybe worth actually checking out.

mephman3181d ago

Yea, it's just a bit confusing and strange. xD

Sanrin3181d ago

Indeed, moar gun rpgs!

Hardedge3181d ago

It looks a lot like Advent Children actually!

Man In Black3181d ago

But also very daunting and complicated to newcomers. The tutorials are a must.

vhero3181d ago

They slated it for the bad battle system and from early videos thats the exact reason I cancelled my pre-order thank god I did. Seems I got it right with this one.

Man In Black3181d ago

It's just aimed at people who can think for themselves ;)

Raf1k13181d ago

I actually like the look of this battle system. It's like Valkyria Chronicles (which I love) but with more thought needed.

mephman3181d ago


Yes, and no. Once the fundamentals are out of the way, the combat isn't actually that difficult or tactical.

specialguest3181d ago

A rating of a 7 is still worth playing in my opinion.

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Hardedge3181d ago

The battle system looks intense, I love the fact that each character is fully customizable too and it even shows in cutscenes. Gonna get this for sure.

Selyah3181d ago

Sounds intriguing but insanely complicated

gravv3181d ago

battle system is good but everything else is bad.. 7.5 from me because the battle is unique and fresh but a little bit complex at the same time

Magna Farta3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

...and that's 10 times longer than I could stand FF13 as of right now. This game is awesome. The story is a little convoluted and it suffers from "anime characters with spiky hair all look the same" syndrome, but all in all the game looks beautiful, I actually like the world layout and the Energy Hex system to carve out paths to where you need to go.

This was a fresh way to conduct a JRPG, and I like it. I've had enough of swords and shields for a while

That and it has Nolan North in it

nefertis3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

@Magna Farta I agree with u this game is awesome, as u can tell by my avatar profile pic my favorite character is Vashyron, Nolan North is hilarious. Im loving every minute of it 55hrs of gameplay im still at chapter 5. Very addicting gameplay. Playb3yond

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