DC Universe: Mad Hatter Images Released

IncGamers reports that Sony Online Entertainment has released several new images of the latest character to be showcased for its upcoming MMO, DC Universe Online, the child-like paranoid schizophrenic genius, Mad Hatter.

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Maticus2889d ago

Woah he looks a bit more sinister here than he did on TV O_O

avengers19782889d ago

I really want this game to come out soon, but I'm willing to wait for them to make it great... I hope to see you all in the DCU

thetamer2889d ago

He looks like an Irish cousin of Eddie, the Iron Maiden mascot.

Leord2889d ago

Hehe, original Batman had a gun. nothing wrong with guns! :)

AndyA2889d ago

He should carry a more imaginative weapon than a gun.

Baka-akaB2889d ago

well he usually use his hat for mind control purposes , and he did carry a gaz gun so ...

Medievaldragon2889d ago

oh, shiny. Bad they didn't show images of his hat opening up with some crazy gun-thing.

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