GamePro Feature: Halo 3 - Secrets Beyond the Beta

Thousands of people played the Halo 3 beta, but GamePro played beyond. Here is GamePro's recount of everything you have yet to see. Prepare to be mesmerized.

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Shake3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago ) The first ever screen shot of the campaign!Makes you wonder if they will show some type of video at e3...

okcomputer3970d ago

They'd be idiots not to show some single player footage. This close to the release date you know they have the capacity. They need to impress with the visuals too especially with all the complaining about the graphics in the beta. I expect at least 1 really good high quality single player vid

Lygre3970d ago

This is the first ingame screen from the singleplayer:

MoonDust3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

cool! Maybe that's a smoke grenade in the background.

chasegamez3970d ago

this game is going 2 suckz

sticky doja3970d ago

Comming into a halo thread talking trash about halo just because you are a sony fanboy, are you just trying to lose all your bubbles?

Daxx3970d ago

Chasegamez, read my bio.

If you'd actually play Halo you would have some nice things to say about it.

i Shank u3970d ago

this article had no secrets and nothing new. weakkk; can i have my time back?

Daxx3970d ago

Gamepro is such a leech, it just sucks up old news and makes it look all new and stuff.

VirusE3970d ago

Daxx we are on the same page. Gamepro has long been the red headed step child of the gaming news industry. I remember as a kid every time I bought one I was extremely disappointed. They for years has some kind of ties with acclaim and would give horrible acclaim games great reviews, tons of add space and the cover page. I have no respect for them and never have. If I see a link to a news story of theirs I know its trash or EGM reported on it 2 months ago.

Shaka2K63970d ago

Looks like an xbox game, like halo 2.1.