Nintendo DSiXL Hands On

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "I had a chance to touch the DSiXL. I'll be honest, it felt really good in my hands. It had some weight to it and felt very solid. The screen was absolutely gorgeous, even though it was the same tech used on the other models. It doesn't look too bulky to fit in your pocket but I can't see people justifying purchase of this when they know the DS3D is coming out. $189 is a hefty price tag too. It costs more than a Wii!"

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OOG3154d ago

Looks cool.. id prob enjoy the bigger screen

SaiyanFury3153d ago

I see Nintendo is continuing it's practise of making one or so enhancements to further sales. Now it's the DS with a larger screen. I won't be getting the new DS because this is an obvious plug for sales. That said, I'm not getting a PSPgo because I don't think it's necessary. Minorly updating a platform to get sales is lousy. I deride Sony for the same tactics. The DSi isn't selling well (in their eyes) so they come up with some lousy update. Companies suck. I'm still on my original PSP, and I doubt I'll move off of it.

execution173154d ago

tempted to get it, just might have too if i can magically pull $200 out of my a$s

xTruthx3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

yeah same, I haven't bough a dsi yet but this 1 is tempting. Hope it goes down to 150 lol.

OOG3153d ago

lol I might be the rare breed that doesn't have a DS at all lol

jagstatboy3153d ago

anyone know if the resolution of the games has deteriorated cuz of the larger screens or did they upscale for this?

eagle213153d ago

Most people are saying it looks like the games were made for these screens all along. Nintendo planned to introduce the XL right alongside the DSi from the jump. Most people say they can't go back to the stamp sized screens after playing on the XL. Go to youtube and watch dozens of video with the XL in action...great system IMO. :)