Suda51 'interested' in making game for Nintendo

CVG: Japanese games development star Suda51 has told CVG that he's "very interested" in creating a game for a first party like Nintendo.

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na-no-nai3186d ago

that pretty awesome. it be neat if nintendo take them as their first party dev

qface643186d ago

he really likes nintendo allot you can really see that too his actions show that

darkmurder3186d ago

I'm interested in making one too, being able to do it is a different matter

LoaMcLoa3186d ago

that Travis Touchdown to be in a Super Smash Bros! :D

EvilTwin3186d ago

Do it!!!!

Seriously, Nintendo, grab this opportunity. Suda's twisted sensibilities combined with the refinement of Nintendo's own first-party games? That would be sickeningly good.

Gr813186d ago

In interviews two devs that seem to really understand what Nintendo is about is Sakurai (Smash bros.) and Suda. Because they are able to see the actual goals Nintendo had in mind with the Wii, they want to do their part to help further that goal.

Given resources and further fine tuning, Suda could become a Mikami just look at what he was able to accomplish with a limited budget and a whole lot of personality.

EvilTwin3186d ago

Truth. Nintendo knows what they're good at and play to their strengths, and those two have played to the strengths of Nintendo consoles, too.

Sakurai-san is now heading Project Sora, if I'm not mistaken. Imagine if Nintendo took a three-quarter share of a studio with Suda. I'd LOVE to see some type of Suda horror game that uses the vitality sensor (although no nunchuck could be a problem).

SpoonyRedMage3186d ago

Yer, I think Nintendo would be wise to get Suda working on something with them.

Saying that isn't he really good friends with Sakurai? I seem to remember Suda 51 being in the special thanks section of SSBB, I might be mistaken though.

N4g_null3186d ago

Suda would be pushed very hard by nintendo. He would have to learn more game play mechanics. A two hold thing would be suda making even better stories and getting access to the tech guys of nintendo along with making even miyamoto a fan of his games. By doing this suda will solve the problem of not appealing to more people.

I think suda would be surprise to see miaymotto like easy rider which is a cool little movie. The HD guys would just pimp him out. Out of all the people laying people off nintendo is not in that group, except for the retards at retro leaving seriously...

Suda also has to learn that people do have problems with his games yet he has a hard time figuring out away around them. He would also be put up against Kojima, could suda be nintendo's missing link. Can miaymoto help this guy reach kojima status?

I know suda like pro wrestling yet maybe he should find some thing else to like also, Use experience to info your game play.

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2FootYard3186d ago

I'm interested in dressing as Vanille and lightly kissing this splendid man on both of his right cheeks.

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