Sony Announce April Foolishness Sale on PlayStation Network

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has today announced a special promotion for the Network Video Delivery Service, launching later this week. Tickle your funny bone this April Fool's with the PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service and SCEE's comical April Foolishness Sale.

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kevco333183d ago

Meah... there's some alright stuff on there but nothing I'd rush out and buy.

Corrwin3183d ago

Still a couple of £ more than you could get them on DVD?

C'mon SONY, £5.99 should be a standard price if you want to compete with the shops.

Scarfy3183d ago

Couldn't agree more. In some cases, you can almost BUY the DVD of a film cheaper than you can rent it over PSN (Aliens: £3 DVD; PSN: £2.49 rent). That's just plain silly.

If they lopped a few £ off the rental prices, then I'd be renting movies all the time. As it stands right now, no.

Automat3183d ago

you can get most of these for £5.99 or £6.99 on BLU-RAY from etc.... meaning you can sell them later on as well-

Corrwin3183d ago

Those are ridiculous prices.. I remember an old VHS Rental place charged £3 a night for videos.

What's wrong with just £0.99 rentals? I wouldn't mind renting a movie for that a night. It's practically cheap enough to watch whenever you'd like.

Scarfy3183d ago

"What's wrong with just £0.99 rentals?"

Likely the studios and everyone else will see themselves as not getting a fair cut. I'd be okay with £1.99 SD and £2.99 HD for rentals (this is for new films, too!), but not more than that.

I always thought that an online world was cheaper, since it meant no shelf and warehouse space...

Corrwin3183d ago

Ah, there's the problem. Because they have to keep those shelves and warehouses for the people who still don't use the online services (about 99% of people).

Digital Distribution won't be cheaper until it's the only way to obtain anything... and even then, unless there are many distributors (as there are many high-street stores), there won't be any competition, and the prices will remain artificially high.

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washingmachine3183d ago

do peeps really pay for video downloads lol

Scarfy3183d ago

I would if they were cheaper.

ian723183d ago

I would probably use this service if the price was lower. But as it is it's way too much. Like said above, can get the physical copy on disc for around the same price or less.

samoon3183d ago

Who still pays for movies?

Especially when you can download them :P

I kid, I kid....

OR DO I???