EA: It's "hard to integrate" PS Move into FIFA

EA's Simon Humber has said that it's "hard to integrate" Sony's upcoming PlayStation Move into a football game, commenting that "what you could do potentially is add mini games with penalties and the like, but other than that I'm not sure what else you could do."

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ryuzu3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

They just aren't creative enough.

I haven't played it, but PES on the Wii looks good so there is an example of useful controls added by a pointer system like Move.

What we don't want is loads of minigames - you don't have to map every real world movement onto the controller.

In real football, people use their hands to indicate positions to run to for through passes - that's effectively what the PES Wii system allowed so something similar would be good.


vhero3157d ago

I think what the problem is they could do what they did with the wii version of FIFA but then they would obviously cast out the people who don't want to use MOVE and prefer a regular control. Adding 2 systems just would be too hard unless they made 2 separate games.

Wh15ky3157d ago

I've already witnessed the mess that is FIFA Wii and my advice to EA would be stick to the standard controller.

Konami, on the other hand, have added substantial improvements to the football genre with their Wii iterations so I fully expect to see PSmove support in the next PES installment. All 3 PES games on PS3 have been dissapointing and the addition of PSmove support could be what it needs to inject a bit of life into the series.

FIFA 10 on PS3 is a decent game, so EA should just stick to their standard year on year updates, after all it's all they need to do. They could just re-release the exact same game and change the 10 to 11 and it would still sell millions.