AI Coming to Starcraft II Beta

GamerZines: At the moment the Starcraft II beta only has options to play with other gamers online, but in a recent exclusive interview with us the game's lead producer has outlined how that is about to change.

"We're going to have a big content patch coming out in April, in which we'll show more about the game. Sometime just before the end we'll put out some of the AIs," revealed Blizzard's Chris Sigaty.

"So far we've purposely avoided putting the AIs in there, but there will be a whole bunch of different skill levels which you can play against."

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-MD-3185d ago

I need to get into this beta >_<

mittwaffen3185d ago

I'm in it, to be honest it isnt what i thought i'd be.

Oh well, its still a good game..nothing great or amazing though.

Cernunnos3185d ago

You serious? I've been playing the beta non-stop, and it's so awesome! This game is the perfect successor to the greatness that is Stacraft Brood-War. Sure, it's not perfectly balanced, a number of things are in need of tweaking etc. but that's why it's called beta.

champ213185d ago

you are the first person i see saying its not great. Every other comment i see, ppl say the game is amazing.

Letros3185d ago

It's SC1.5 really, I was expecting something a bit more grand, not sure why I was expecting that though as Blizzard basically said its 1.5. Granted I've only played a few matches.

Therealspy17763185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

if you're done playin the beta for a while, pm me your login info so i can play it :) i have the client installed, just have no login.

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geekmandem3185d ago

Wait it already has AI, I play with them often to try new ideas out

Makroyale3185d ago

Says you can only play against human players. Wrong. You can play against the computer... It's just not smart (hence no AI).