Jaffe: New game "will absolutely" have DLC

VG247: Eat, Sleep, Play boss David Jaffe has confirmed the new project from the studio "will absolutely" have DLC.

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Nicholas Cage3098d ago

its twisted metal just say it! 2010 year of the ps3 again baby

KingKiff3098d ago

Sweet tooth... My old friend... It has been to long

caseh3098d ago

or am I the only person who thought Twisted Metal was sh*t? Not a slur on the guy himself but seriously, does this series have universal love from everyone other than me as thats the way it seems. :o

Noctis Aftermath3098d ago

@caseh: i enjoyed the PSX Twisted Metal games, but now that i've grown older they wouldn't be able to keep my attention for more then 10minutes.

If the series has ALOT of changes i might think about buying it again.

PixlSheX3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

That's the first thing that came to my mind..
Play, Create, Share would've been much better though.

DelbertGrady3098d ago

He's been talking for 3 years now(Calling all cars, 2007). Will probably unveil it at E3. I'd be surprised if it's not Twisted Metal.

Pennywise3098d ago

Well if he has been working double the amount he has been talking, it should be a great game. lol

hazelamy3098d ago

and yet again yet another dev announces dlc plans long before their game is out or even finished.
must be a weekday, or a saturday or sunday.

sashimi3098d ago

It goes without saying that most if not all games released nowadays will have DLC anyway.It doesn't matter if announce it before the game is released or afterwards.

xabmol3098d ago

DLC is usually planed very early in a games development.

blizzard_cool3098d ago

I hate DLC... They take stuff out of the final product, charge the unfinished game full price and then you pay extra for the stuff that should have already been in the game.

I hate DLC for every game and on every system...

krisq3098d ago

Watch latest Bonus Round. Jaffe makes very valid point about DLC.

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xabmol3098d ago

Jaffe did say that he thinks there is nothing wrong with buying unlock keys for content that is already on the disk. =/

IMO, if you have the DLC completed before you ship the game, keep it off the disk. As long as I actually DL the C and not just some 5kb unlock then I don't feel like I was just ripped off.

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The story is too old to be commented.