Nintendo 3DS: The Best Artist Impressions from Around the Web

Following the announcement of Nintendo new Nintendo 3DS (tentative title) console last week, set to be revealed at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles this June, a number of artist impression have appeared throughout the internet. A number of the images provide an interesting perspective on the details Nintendo has offered thus far, whilst others are simply an excuse to put your Photoshop skills into practice. This weekend, Electronic Theatre has endeavoured to collect the best of the available interpretations, and can now present them to you in one handy little compilation.

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The Great Melon3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

If Nintendo could achieve the last concept I would be floored. Physical interaction with 3D object would be amazing, regardless if a lack of a tactile response turns out to be unsatisfying. I love how I am beginning to finally see all the things from science fiction slowly take form in real life in some form or another.

AAACE53186d ago

I lost all interest in the DS stuff up until I heard about the 3DS.

I am hopeful because of the rumored 3D stick (which i'm assuming means analog stick) and other stuff like tilt sensing. In my mind they should be able to make updated versions of N64 games like Ocarina of Time.

Can't wait for E3! I think we should see alot of great things from all 3 companies.

washingmachine3186d ago

if the screens are smaller than the new dsi XL im passing.

DarkBlood3186d ago

now why in gods name would the screen be the same size as XL im gonna guess its between dsi and dsi XL

matey3186d ago

hopefully a widescreen of about 3.8/4.2 that would be smaller slightly than a dsiXL but in true 16.9 widescreen imagine 2 widescreens joined to make 1 huge screen wow i think widescreen is a must for media like movies in 3D,and NETFLIX,and some games will need widescreen like racing games ect plus porting wii games to 3DS would be easier as well as developing games cross platform for wii/3DS,like u get GTA 4 on 360/ps3 u could get MARIO KART ARCADE GP 3 on wii/3DS that would make 3rd partys alot more happy with making big budget games like they do for 360/ps3 the main reason is 2 platforms to sell the same game is always good for developers and if they were to make the wii 720p via firmware update as well as the 3DS already rumoured 720p then we could get some very nice games i mean nintendo need to launch the console with hardcore games from the start so they can adopt that audience right from the off would help 3rd partys alot and keep the more casual side on the dsi/ds im still hoping that when nintendo made that statement of zelda wii using 100% of the wii hardware yet at current the wii cant handle the game can only point to an update that allows the full power of the wii to be unlocked something they were not sure they needed but with HD taking off abit they will need to do something like that to keep things fresh the wii with an update could support all the component resolutions 480p/720p/1080i

fatstarr3186d ago

I still think project nimslo is the best one so far.