Rumor: New Wii Version this Fall

While rumors have been floating around for quite some time a Nintendo rep. (who will remain anonymous) has confirmed that Nintendo will be releasing a New version of the Nintendo Wii this fall. This new version will be essentially the same as the current Wii models but has the added ability to play DVD movies and will be offered in multiple colors, including Black.

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PS360WII4030d ago

New colors weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee^^
As far as DVD playback woopdy do not the biggest thing in the world. They can leave it out if they want really

ITR4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

I talked about this in Jan.

I believe Nintendo will bring in the new DVD/Wii/color for $250 and reduce the price of the older white Wii to $200 price range.

If it's black then I'm buying.
I have two friends waiting on the black Wii.

CyberSentinel4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

It's still just a Wii for wii-wii's.

@2.1: add yourself to the list and make it 20.

@2.2: I don't consider myself a lemming because I use a windows OS.
I mean, is there even a "SERIOUS" contender to windows? Especially to the end user? If you use another OS, more power to you, but I can think of alot things you are not doing on that substitute OS.

Even I will admit defeat when a goal is unachievable, case in point, (xbox < ps2 dominance) however, this generation I feel Microsoft with the 360 has an equal opportunity to actually make a decent competitor to the Sony (nothing but) hype machine.

ItsDubC4030d ago

Ignored by 19 users? That must be a record or something.

PS360WII4030d ago

heh 19 is small when you look at The Mart or Bill Gates.

CyberSentinel is alright he's like a broken record you can't throw out. He says the same thing all the time that it has lost all it's meaning. I think also he forgets what lemmings do and that's follow the crowd (Windows anyone?)

uglyboglin4029d ago

I just want to point out that Lemmings don't actually follow each other of cliff edges. That myth was created by the Disney Corporation in 1957 when they produced a film on the artic. Crew members actually rounded up lemmings and threw them off the cliff edge, because the lemmings wouldn't go willingly.....seriously look it up....thought i'd mention it.

Laka4030d ago

Danm, while they are at it, why not include a blu-ray drive or hd for that matter. Nintendo is still behind in technology.

deadman1214030d ago

They're taking the cheap way out.. Seriously, it's going to be so funny when Nintendo Wii owners find out in a few years time that they bought something outdated... Lol looks like retro fashion is in for the time being though.. Ohhhh welll

deadman1214030d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.