Spyro to debut on Wii in the Autumn

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night will be the latest installment in the popular franchise which began life on the PlayStation. This time around however a Wii version is in development.

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PS360WII3907d ago

Spyro was cool when it first came out but after that.... not so much...

Marcello3907d ago

Spyro 1-2-3 were really good i loved em !! but after that Imsomnic stopped making them in favour of doing Ratchett & Clank, Vivendi gave Spyro to other developers but its all been awful stuff :( i dont expect much from this new one either

DrWan3907d ago

never finished the ps1 version makes me dizzy as hell

okcomputer3907d ago

This game looks like a perfect fit for the wii. It'll probably be pretty good for what it is.

deadman1213907d ago

Is basically going to get loads of multiplatform games from PS2 with just the added P!SSMOTE function... Such as manhunt 2 which is now... In Re-Development I Think? I just dont understand why people are buying it is it retro season or something? lol

eclipsegryph3907d ago

Wow, man. Tell us how you really feel. Or maybe you're just ticked off 'cause your baby teeth are falling out.

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