Xbox Live Director's Account Hacked! (Are You Next?)

Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Microsoft's Xbox LIVE online gaming network, has had his Xbox LIVE profile hacked.

Known by his gamertag Major Nelson, Hryb was part of the Xbox 360 launch team and was one of the first game execs to have a regular podcast and blog.

In his LIVE account, his bio info (Name, Location) and the speech bubble appear to be hacked. The hacker have been writing various messages on Major Nelson's account:

Kotaku is confirming with Microsoft whether Hryb has been informed of this hack and what further steps will be taken.


Major Nelson has confirmed via Twitter that his account is back to normal and Stepto and the policy enforcement team is looking into the matter.

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Johnny52916d ago

You think thats sad you should see the video, the guy that hacked him gives his skype out and says anyone that wants accounts hacked for $50.

SixZeroFour2916d ago

actually he was asking for 60...whats so stupid is he basically went "heres my name and my accomplice microsoft, come and sue us" lmao

sofresh2002916d ago

Wow, 50 bucks a year to get your account hacked... what a shame. :P

DailyAddict2915d ago

360 accounts being hacked isn't anything new... MS has always proven that this is one area that they aren't so great at. But, what's admittedly embarrassing (and hilarious) is when a high ranking employee has their account hacked. If that's not a slap in the face to your 'standards' then I don't know what is.

VINNIEPAZ2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

"360 accounts being hacked isn't anything new... MS has always proven that this is one area that they aren't so great at. But, what's admittedly embarrassing (and hilarious) is when a high ranking employee has their account hacked. If that's not a slap in the face to your 'standards' then I don't know what is."

So is that ya way at taking a jab at Microsoft? What do you mean by standards? Oh they got hacked, now they have no standards! This kinda thing never happens. Do you know even the governments gets hacked? Here is a list of some systems that are hacked, Xbox 1, Xbox 360, PS 1, PS2, PSP, DS and Wii. Cant believe PS3 is not fully hacked yet. In this day and age its not much of a surprise believe it or not.

nix2915d ago

"cheap assh*le has got 70 microsoft points".

SixZeroFour2915d ago

thought geohotz already hacked the ps3?

krisq2915d ago

...he needed money for Live subscription.

pixelsword2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

At any rate, he's probably not going to be arrested; there's a saying:

Good hackers get harassed,
Great hackers get hired.

Microsoft will likely offer him a choice, prosecution or employment.

GameGambits2915d ago

I want Cliffy B hacked next. I want his messages to say something like, "I'm too cheap to add dedicated servers to fix my games."

If anyone deserves a hack to get a message through to them it's the Cliff Meister.

Mo0eY2915d ago

Don't blame Epic Games for not providing dedicated servers, blame Microsoft. Their online policy is very strict.

Syronicus2915d ago

So not only can they not make a reliable console but they now are proven to suck at making your account information secure... Sounds like MS pulled out all the stops in the QA department this generation...

RAZORLAND2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I see they posted the supposed hacker's name and address. It just whent from sad to funny.

catguykyou2915d ago

Yep, cause PSN accounts never get hacked...

Syronicus2915d ago

From your own link:

"Even with the confirmed attack on the PS3 online platform, Sony says it is "unlikely" that anyone's account was actually compromised. Even if it was, though, there is little harm that someone could do."

So nobody's account was hacked and even if it was the Credit Card info is never displayed on the screen. So again, find an article that confirms the PSN hacked accounts. Until then, Sony trumps MS in the hardware and online department of reliability and security.

*hint, hint*

Read the articles you post before posting them...

catguykyou2915d ago

Hacked is hacked. The fact that the hacker in question didn't do anything with the information there is beside the point.

Also, people did report their accounts hacked despite Sony stating that it was unlikely.

My post isn't to point out how the PS3 is worst than the 350 when it comes to security (look at the amount of modded 360's for your answer there). It is only meant to show how if a system is out there, it can and probably will be hacked in some shape or form. There is no such thing as un-hackable. This one event doesn't make the PS3 the triumphant victor of anything.

vhero2915d ago

Maybe MS will actually take there security seriously and the fact its so CRAP. Nearly all my friends who still use 360 have had there accounts hacked in the last year now and had to get them back. Luckily they didn't have credit card details etc.. on them and only bought points when needed. Never hear of PS3 accounts getting hacked all the time do you? Though this is N4G 360 fanboys will make it up just out of jealousy.

HSx92915d ago

Windows Live Account= Easily hackable, infact, it's really easy to get someones password from hotmail.

Mr Brownstone742915d ago

"Code of Conduct my ass" WIN

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FanboyAttack2916d ago

Wow, watch in about two weeks. 10000 degree story on N4G about hackers being prosecuted by Microsoft for tampering and hacking accounts.

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blitz06232915d ago

Well what do you expect? These bots have no lives, it's no surprise they're mostly computer geeks

dkgshiz2915d ago

lol, If they ever catch the guy he would probably get a few months of probation.

SilverSlug2916d ago

I know fanboys will be like "LOL 5 DOLLARS FOR GOLD AND YOU CANT SECURE YOUR ACCOUNTS" but this sucks for gamers. Seriously. This could be a huge disaster for people, like buying games online and ruining your credit card.

I hope it all goes well.

- Note: I don't really like Live or the 360, I own one but I use my PS3 more. This is not good, regardless if its 360, Wii or PS3.