Analyst: Growing 3rd-Party Opportunity on Wii

"Right now, first-party titles overrun the upper ranks of Wii software sales charts, but third-parties can still make a good return on the Wii as the console matures, according to one analyst."
Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian acknowledged that many investors see the success of Nintendo's Wii platform as detrimental to third-party game publishers, as first-party software eats up all of the share...

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unsunghero283853d ago

20 million units by March 2008?

That would be insane...

I guess it's possible if Nintendo can make some good titles for the holiday season...

Because, really, all that's out for the Wii right now is Super Paper Mario, WarioWare and Zelda and people are picking it up like it's cocaine...

Imagine what will happen when people actually have a great game to pick up the Wii for...

deadman1213853d ago

We're just in the retro era atm.. It will die down soon and so will the Nintendo wii! It's just a stupid gamecube with updated bits and bobs like the blue light, and it can now finnaly play DVD discs.... UNFORTUNATELY LOL IT STILL CANT PLAY DVD MOVIES... Way to go nintendo for not adding DVD movie playback ... (-.-) anyways... Yeah Nintendo wii is like a 1 year thing then people will realise how "interactive" it really is... The stupid console cant handle interactivity within games. Just the wiimote yipee

unsunghero283853d ago

I disagree. For a number of reasons:

1) DVD playback isn't a big deal, at all. If a consumer doesn't already have a DVD player, they probably aren't going to be buying a Wii anyway.

2) Have you ever played the Wii? It's pretty easy to tell that if so, not too much.

3) The Wii is at least as powerful as the original Xbox. And what is your definition of interactivity? If it happens to be "button pressing" then I can see how you might be disappointed, but otherwise I don't understand what you're complaining about because in games like WarioWare (and the upcoming Metroid Prime 3) motion sensing deeply enhances the experience.

4) I think we have yet to see the full capacity of the motion sensing abilities of the Wii remote. Developers so far have done quite a poor job of utilizing it, and I think when that begins to change (very soon, btw) then naysayers will just be quieted.

IMO, Nintendo did absolutely the right thing with the Wii; something different. If they had just made a graphically advanced console like a 360 or PS3 they would have lost because of their crummy track record. With the Wii, they not only saved themselves from failure but might just win this console war.

ItsDubC3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

"Sebastian estimates that a game publisher must sell approximately 300,000 [Wii] software units to break even, "conservatively,"whe reas it would take about 600,000 in unit sales for an Xbox 360 or PS3 game to make all its money back."

Given those figures and the fact that the PS3's user base is far lower than that of the 360's, I'd say Sony definitely has their work cut out for them. I do hope devs continue to support the PS3, as competition is always good for consumers.

MyNutsYourChin3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

The quote about needing around 300,000 units to break even could be very intriguing to get more 3rd party support. It would seem that 3rd parties are starting to put some effort into making games for the Wii but by all means I do not believe this means that they will be re-allocating existing support for other consoles, only creating new divisions in which Wii games will be generated.

Games need to be developed for all consoles. If this is not the case, the gamer is the one who feels the fallout in the lack of variety, pricing options, and gaming experiences. I for one am happy that more 3rd paty support is coming to the Wii but I am very pleased that this does not mean that support for other consoles is dimishing.

deadman1213853d ago

how is wii's hardware going to fulfill all ingame interactivity... And no I dont believe in magical fairies...