The Weird World of Pokemon

Steve Bogda from writes:

"No matter which town you go to in the Pokemon world, it will be centered around Pokemon. Pokemon stores, hospitals, shrines, nurseries, salons, gyms, graveyards; ****, they have Pokemon casinos where people gamble on Pokemon."

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Connoro3187d ago

Hilarious and disturbingly true. Good read.

Genki-JAM3187d ago

Brilliant! I think about this all the time when I play!

MechaZain3187d ago

The caption for Ludicolo sums it up nicely. XD

DrRobotnik3187d ago

Pikachu burgers anyone. I bet it be weird to have a life long friendship with your potential future meal.

ChickeyCantor3186d ago

That delicious Turkey aint no Turkey.

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The story is too old to be commented.