Lack of Twilight Saga Game has 'lost millions'

Koku writes: "An analyst has claimed that the lack of proper Twilight game has cost both the franchise and the games industry millions."

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cain1412883d ago

I wouldn't buy it, but then again I never read the book or saw the movie...

Ziriux2883d ago

Aww lucky you, I was dragged by my gf to see it with her teen fans which cried every 7 minutes, never understood why it was so emotional, tried my best not to laugh.

qface642883d ago

those are millions im glad the industry lost and i hope it keeps loosing those millions

Government Cheese2883d ago

God I can't imagine how awful the game would be.

toaster2883d ago

LOL When I think of Twighlight Game I think of that thread dchalfont started in the forum..

Quickstrike2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

I fear that a Twilight game could possibly lead to another video game industry crash like 1983, but it would be a lot worse.

Seriously though, I know that wouldn't happen (hopefully) but still....the thought of a Twilight game makes me sick.

In fact, any company that would actually invest time in making a Twilight game would just be throwing money away because no one would buy it.

SaiyanFury2883d ago

Oh God, PLEASE no Twilight game. I dropped in on a buddy who's girlfriend was watching it. I watched it for about 15 minutes and just started shaking my head. Ugh, what teenage girls consider entertainment these days. Thank GOD I have my videogames. I'm gonna go kill something now.

Tony P2883d ago

If they don't mind not making a Twilight game, I won't push.

I certainly don't miss the absence of another terrible movie game.

evrfighter2883d ago

lack of a twilight game probably saved the franchise from dying faster.

Alvadr2883d ago

They would have to release it on the DS as 9 year old girls dont play on the PS3/360

gaminoz2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Yeah but would a Twilight game be capable of being good?

hay2883d ago

We watched it with my buddies this weekend. We wanted to see really dumb movie. This was a perfect fit.

I wonder if they'll make vampires playable and implement real-time lighting which will make them all shiny and sparkly...

They should put Blade in the game or in the next sequel of the movie.

Leio2883d ago

Last time i remember vampires don't suck d!ck no wonder teenagers like it so much :/

andron6662883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Either they forgot, so don't mention it again. Or they actually realised what an awful idea a twilight game actually would be. Either way we should be thankful.

For those who mourn a twilight game, there is always this:

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GUCommander2883d ago

Oh dear god, just what we need...a twilight video game. Though I must say that i'm surprised there haven't already been 10 waggle-tastic versions of twilight for the wii already.

Ziriux2883d ago

Well if anything that's the only version that'll be on, just so they can test if it'll make anymore for them.

Fullish2883d ago

time for a mmorpg i say

Cinotix2883d ago

Pleasee nooo. After the Star Trek one, we don't need this, and anyone crazy enough to pay a monthly fee is an idiot.

Megaton2883d ago

Anyone paying a monthly fee for any game is an idiot as far as I'm concerned.

Timesplitter142883d ago

teenage girls don't play video games

cheese2883d ago

It's called Second Life.

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