Gamezone: Is Excessive Realism Killing Gameplay?

Dave Snell is currently annoyed with a big trend in gaming at the moment - the gradual death of fun in videogames due to improved realism. Before the flamers warm up the fires of vitriol let him clarify; games are fun, just not anywhere near as much as they used to be. Dave picked up the excellent Saints Row 2 the other day, and discovered two things: firstly, it is a far better game (in the purest sense) than Grand Theft Auto IV, and secondly, it recalls the reasons why he plays: out-and-out fun.

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Gradient3181d ago

It definitely had a negative impact on GTA4, that game just lacked fun.

smittyjerkins3181d ago

I agree completely. GTA4 is simply not as varied nor fun as San Andreas or Saints Row 2 (the example the author uses) because it limits itself to "realism".

Bathyj3181d ago

It wasn't the realism that ruined GTA for me. It was the constant FKN phone calls, then you had to go bowling with someone or he wouldnt bring you guns anymore. Talk about needy.

I just got sick of the cattering to everyone side of it. I felt I was running all over town for them and not playing enough.

Also Lazlo wasnt as funny as he used to be.

EvilBlackCat3181d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Well lets wait for RED DEAD REDEMPTION to find out but i am really happy with Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising and ARMA 2.

HEY its all about taste.

FOR ME the most important aspect of a game is the game play and if the game play is closer to reality the better.

----------------------------- ----
@ mikeslemonade @ 1.5

"All the more realistic games generally score higher like Uncharted 2, COD 4, MW2"


TRY ARMA 2 i bet its going to be too much for you.

BY THE WAY that is not true for example

ACE COMBAT 6 a great game, GREAT GRAPHICS & a good Story.
When people here compared this game to OVER G Fighters everybody or to be precise like the 99.9% of gamers and loyalist here said that ACE COMBAT is better than OVER G because it was more realistic.

LOL! yeah right!

Graphically ACE 6 destroy OVER G but in simulation? OVER G RAPE ACE 6 PERIOD. I only played ACE COMBAT 6 campaing like 2 times and the online multiplayer around 8-11 times but over g Multiplayer? 2 fncking years pal.

So what is the most important aspect in a video game?

A GAME DONT NEEDS TO BE REALISTIC TO BE A FUN GAME but when you play a game like Racing, Shootings and Air Combats the more realistic the better.

blitz06233181d ago

I think it actually adds even more fun to the gameplay. Of course, there are games that were actually focused more on the graphics hence the gameplay got bottled down *cough* FFXIII *cough*

mikeslemonade3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

How the hell was GTA4 realistic? Graphically it was not realistic and physics were not realistic. Trust me, if GTA4 was too realistic the game would truly be a 10/10. Saints Row just has worst graphics so I guess that makes it more unrealistic?

It's better to have too much realism than too little realism.

All the more realistic games generally score higher like Uncharted 2, COD 4, MW2

presto7173180d ago

Now everything is just real, with real physics and real everything. In some ways that sucks....

Tony P3180d ago

Realism is so badly defined in gaming terms. I'm going to guess they mean games that focus on visuals because that's all he's talking about.

And I still disagree with a lot of points.

Realism does not equate to "devoid of inspiration" just because there isn't an overwhelming presence of wacky anthropomorphic animals running around.

You could say the visuals for Mass Effect are realistic. And yet the game is not sorely limited by that aspect of design. In fact it is a highly fantastical space tale and I'm sure the artists had great fun designing aliens, ships, and tech.

It also doesn't mean the game isn't as fun. I play almost nothing but so-called "realistic" games. I definitely don't play them for graphics. I play them because they're enjoyable games. I'll have as much fun with Metal Gear Solid 4 as I will with Scribblenauts.

bnaked3180d ago

Killzone 2 is still the best Ego-Shooter this gen imo. Thanks to the realism!

And GTA4 has just a boring singleplayer! I think the multiplayer was fun as hell. Mostly free mode!

Blaze9293179d ago

That's why I liked Saints Row 2 so much - didn't go the 'real' route like GTA did and ruin the experience.

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sid4gamerfreak3181d ago

I feel that excessive realism is kind of killing gameplay and a perfect example is gta 4. I still play saints row 2 ove gta 4 because you can do so many more wacky stufff which you can't do in gta. Sometimes, realism is not what we consumers want or need, developers need to realize that.

n4f3180d ago

ive play it its boring and its always end sad

Elwenil3181d ago

Where I differ is when dealing with shooters. The complete lack of realism in most shooters is killing that particular genre for me. Sure, they look realistic but the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired and all because making them easier to play opens the game up to a larger player base and more sales. In other words, because a lot of the players can't handle realism, we are all forced to play with "Lincoln Logs" when what we really want is an Erector set. ;D Just my .02

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