Sony Overturns Blu-ray Line with Nicely Priced 3D-Ready BDP-S470 and BDP-S570

Sony got serious about home-theater Blu-ray at CES 2010, with a 3D, Wi-Fi, Netflix-powered monster with iPhone-app control. Sadly, the model we at Gizmodo praised is now pointless. But two cheaper ones-the $200 BDP-S470 and the $250 BDP-S570-are suddenly hot.

There are three reasons Gizmodo is posting this:

1) Because Sony just announced a new $200 Blu-ray model, the 3D-ready BDP-S470, which will cost only $20 more than the $180 BDP-S370.

2) Because Sony also announced that it would give the Wi-Fi-equipped S570 the very same 3D capability, in that very same firmware update.

And 3) Because we at Gizmodo don't get what's going on either. Why sell the bottom-line S370 or the high-flying S770 at all?

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DrRobotnik3180d ago

It looks great when you are wearing the glasses. But on the flip side, if your that member of the family invited over to watch a movie in 3d, and don't have the glasses, you're screwed.

JonnyBigBoss3180d ago

That's a terrific player.