Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Pixeljunk Shooter

Pixeljunk Shooter isn't a revolutionary title, in fact it pretty much embodies all the simplicities we've come to love and glee about. What is though is just a whole lot of fun. There's no giant space marines with a melodramatic plot, although there is forced plot here sometimes, it's all a nice clean shooter. Try it out.

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unrealgamer582887d ago

What's that smell of fail and desperation for hits?

Oh yeah it's this article

xabmol2887d ago

I literally just played this a day ago. Got all the diamonds in world 2.

You wanna talk about games that nobody plays anymore? Lets talk about Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust. *shudders* On second thought, lets not.

Automat2886d ago

i've only played pjs a couple times after completing it 100%, but it's an awesome game.
LSL BOB is still in my backlog though... too many games being released that are sooo much better...

jack_burt0n2887d ago

I am a cheapskate and wait for the offers, trine £7.99 win

themizarkshow2886d ago

Once the DLC is released we'll be hearing all about this game again. The reason why you don't hear about it now is the same reason you don't hear as much about any older game... there is just hotter/newer stuff to discuss.