PAX East 2010: Lord of the Rings Online Skirmish Mode Live Gameplay

Turbine introduces the Skirmish gameplay mode for their popular MMORPG, which provides players with something entertaining to do between raiding and engaging in PvP. Scaling to meet the complexity of your party (one to eleven people), these mini-dungeons feature waves of randomized enemies leading up to epic encounters with some of Sauron's most fearsome Generals, making them highly replayable. Not to mention the allure of undoubtedly epic loot and special marks (that can be traded in for even more goodies) that drop from them.'s Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern managed to snag some of the developer's time for a video walkthrough of one of the game's Skirmish Dungeons, an attack on the Ford of Bruinen.

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