David Jaffe Would "Love" to See a Remake of his Past Games

PSLS writes:

David Jaffe has been hard at work developing the first retail PlayStation 3 game from his studio, Eat Sleep Play. For so long he's only talked of his future title, however, now the eccentric creator of God of War and Twisted Metal is speaking out about his past titles, giving his thoughts on the possibility of remakes.

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ThatCanadianGuy3184d ago

So would i Mr.Jaffe, so would i.

JonnyBigBoss3184d ago

Man Jaffe gets a lot of attention. Does any other Game Director garner as much attention?

ActionBastard3184d ago

Stig should. What that man did with GoW3 is stunning. And every interview I've seen him in, he seems down to earth as all hell. The 1up vid of him and David Cage gave me a new respect for them both.

Max Power3184d ago

is a very outspoken person, and because of that trait, people follow and listen to him. That's the reason why I go to his blog, because he isn't afraid to speak his mind about anything.

Bnet3433184d ago

The Mickey Mouse game was awesome, I wouldn't mind a remake of that on XBLA/PSN.

Bnet3433184d ago

Disregard what I said lol. He made Mickey Mania:

That's not the game I was talking about. I was talking about this game:

That's the one Capcom made on the SNES. Sh*t was ace. I thought that was Mickey Mania, so I fail. I didn't know he worked on Kinetica, that was the first PS2 game I ever played.

thereapersson3184d ago

I miss racing games like that. The only thing that really fills the void this generation is Wipeout HD. Thankfully, that is a damn good game.

TooTall193184d ago

The black and white style was really cool.

xabmol3184d ago

I still remember it well. Was very fun and polished.

@ TooTall19: The black and white was cool for the first level because it was a throwback to Steamboat Willy. (The first Mickey cartoon ever made.) The rest of the game had vivid coloring.

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user94220773184d ago

Fooking Jaffe, just reveal the damn game already.

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The story is too old to be commented.